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November 2013

Cross Stitch

I always say "I am never going to do any more cross stitch" and then I find another pattern I like.  By the time I finish the piece I'm saying "I am never going to do another cross stitch".  Guess what?  I have found another pattern I like.  It is by a young designer who has a company called "Modern Folk" and there are some interesting posts on his blog. 

I like this one about his trip to Sweden.

He also has a pattern shop where you can buy his patterns as instant downloadsI have fallen for a couple of Xmas patterns that I would like to stitch for my grand daughters.

But then I like this one as well.

I know at the end of this I am going to say "I never want to do cross stitch again."

Time is running out!!!

I go on holidays on Sunday and I haven't even bought any supplies to take with us yet.  I have sewing to finish, embroidery to complete, things to sort before the builders move in, Xmas presents to get in the mail that I haven't even bought yet.  HELP.

One thing I did do was week 1 of my on-line course from The University of Leicester, "England in the time of King Richard 111".  It isn't very taxing  and is only at what I consider a Junior High School level but it does give a good overview of the period and what was going on in society at that time.  Why am I doing it?  Well I am going to stitch a historical sampler and I want to have a feel for the period when this work was done.  This is a free course that is spread over six weeks and it seemed a good way to research the period without having to dig for all the information.  Plus I love this kind of thing. Learning is my addiction.

This course is offered through Future Learn.

Here you can find the courses that are on offer from a range of Universities.  I've signed up for another two after this.

Melting Moments

The humidity is so high here that we are all melting.  I got out of the car, which is air-conditioned and my glasses immediately fogged up.  My eyesight isn't that good at the best of times but this was ridiculous.

Less than 100 years ago women had to have all areas of their body covered.  I look at the Muslim women dressed like this in the heat and feel for them.  In our donation of lace was a set of forearm covers.  You could take your gloves off but your forearems were still 'polite' covered with lace.


There were seven of these one for each day of the week.  One was plain, just hemstitched net.


Others relied on the pattern of the lace.

P1020069 Another was a combination of net and appliqued lace.


And then there was lengths of insertion lace stitched together and


embroidered together with a perle thread.


I'm just glad we don't have to wear all these things in this heat.

WIP Wednesday

The sampler progresses.  I have now completed rows 71 to 80, I am closing in on those final stitches.  (Sharron is cheating I see she put up three stitches at once go yesterday.)

Stitch 71: Bullion Buttonhole stitch
Stitch 72: Wrapped Coral Stitch
Stitch 73: Portuguese Stem Stitch
Stitch 74: Zig Zag Chain stitch
Stitch 75: Woven zig-zag Chain
Stitch 76: Vandyke Stitch
Stitch 77: Woven Cross stitch
Stitch 78: Cloud Filling
Stitch 79: Chained Cross stitch
Stitch 80: Raised Chain V1


My sampler is pretty boring so head over to Pintangle to see what the others are doing.

Nothing new under the sun

Earlier this year I did a series of pin cushions using TAST stitches.  These were stitched over used Coke bottle caps covered with felt.

Then, when we were unpacking the donation of lace there was a bundle of sewing items.  Scissors, pins, dressmakers wheel and this pin cushion, which were all dated pre-1900.


Looks like bottle tops or corks have been a source of materials for pin cushions for some time.