Hishizashi Patterns ~ No 142
Hishizashi Patterns ~ No 143 & 144

WIP Wednesday

Here I am up to stitch 50 on the list. 

I put both the Closed and Open based needlewoven picot stitches as leaves around the Buttonhole Wheel Cup.  The closed leaves are narrower. 

Then Magic Chain and Portuguese border stitches and I loved the Arrowhead stitch.

I played around a bit with the Buttonhole Eylet Flower trying a couple of different thread weights.

Berry Stitch and Knotted Cable Chain came next and I liked working the Knotted Feather Stitch.  I used a Stef Francis thread which had no shine at all and a high twist for this.  I will have to restitch this as it is not straight.

Lastly the Inverted Feather Stitch in a Perle 3.  If I was going to use this as an edging I think I would mark out the spacing of the stitches before I started because the thicker thread makes it harder to see just where you entered and exited the fabric. 


I'm quite please the way this piece is developing but I definately intend to limit the sampler to only 100 stitches.  If there are more I will start another sampler.

Link to Pintangle


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I really admire the fact that you will try out stitches just for the sake of it. This is something I've never had the patience for; I have to have a 'result' for my efforts!


Your sampler is turning out beautiful. It is nice to learn what thread works for what kind of stitch, too.


I am watching this sampler develop with a big smile on my face. I realised I had never let you know

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