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TAST 2013 Stitch 81 Raised Chain V2

WIP Wednesday

Finally, a post about some work in progress.  I have so many pieces in progress I had trouble deciding which one to write about.  This is my gum leaf piece for an exploring stitches class that I will teach in October.

Now this class needs to address some further stitches in addition to the basic stitches, from each of the stitch catagories;

Flat, Loop, Chain, Knots and Couching.

In doing this I have come across a couple of stitches I just LOVE.  I have no idea how I haven't used them before they work so well.  The first of these is Closed Triple Back Stitch.(Jacqueline Enthoven "The stitches of Creative Embroidery" P55)  It is mainly used as a border stitch but I thought I would use it as a filling stitch on my leaves.  I am so in love with the results.  I have used different thickness of threads and varigated and plain colours.  Wish I had known about this stitch before.  The viens of the leaves are worked in double knot (palestrina) stitch.




I started with the outline first, then the vein and finally filled in the spaces. Have a look what others are doing over at Pintangle.




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I think you always show WIP! You are one of the most productive needle women I know.
Here you have some stunning leaves. I have never heard of Closed Triple Back Stitch but it looks great. I will have to try it, too.

Carolyn Foley

In a closed shape and in some circumstances I think this stitch works as well as short and long stitch and is easier to stitch. Thanks for the kind comments.

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