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Kogin Project No 7- Cosie Cuff

I changed this design about five times but am happy with the final result, even if it is late in making it onto the blog. This Cosie Cuff makes up the other part of the Tea Pot set, along with the Heat Mat.

I am still discovering all the things you can't do when working with hemp.  The most obvious being that it lacks drape.  But, put it together with another fabric and you can get around this.

I used a two cup infusions T teapot from Maxwell & Williams that has a high spout. 

You could use it for other types of teapots as the design is just a rectangle which could be easily adjust to fit what ever size you like.

 I have broken the pattern and instructions into three parts for easier download.

Download Sheet 1 Materials

Download Sheet 2 Hishizashi Pattern

Download Sheet 3 construction copy


Spring Bluff Railway Station

The other place that is on the list at Carnival of Flowers time is the little railway station on the way to Murphy's Creek.  There is more money in coal trains than in those that carry commuters or travelers so trains with people on board are rare,  but at this time of year they run special services. 


We arrived just before lunch so were able to secure a good seat on the verandah of the cafe, which was once the Station Masters residence.


The local Scouts association was running the cafe along with other community groups who had food booths.

The train pulled into the station and lots of eager faces looked out the windows.


Then the Honary Station Master, who is from the local historical railway group, rang his bell and walked up and down the station.  He is starting to look a little older this year but is still as daper as every.

The guard put the steps in place and unloaded the baggage.

  Lots on lots of prams.

The babies were loaded into the prams and trundled up the hill,

IMG_9514 - Version 2
and those without babies in prams climbed the stairs to the picnic area.

This year we had music.  A busker sat in front of the cafe and the children all danced and the adults tapped their feet.

  The picnic blankets were spread out on the grass and sandwiches and packed lunches made their appearence.



I noticed some Dad's were left with the children whilst Mum went to get food.

It is unseasonably hot here.  There should still be cool mornings and evenings but summer has arrived early.  Some of the flowers arrived early, some were burnt by the sun but in this sheltered gully they all sat up and looked their best.




 We drove away out into the country side.  It is very dry.  Looks as though we are heading for another drought.  Was it only last year we had floods?


Morning Tea at the Croquet Club

I made a return trip to Toowoomba to see the flowers, that I missed on my last visit.  My favourite display is in Laurel Bank Park and we arrived there just in time for morning tea.  There were a number of food booths selling food but then we spied a sign saying,

"Morning Teas at the Croquet Club"

As the club is in the park, just past the children's play area, we wandered up.


They have a little club house with a small verandah and two playing areas.

 You could take your tea on ther verandah or at the tables set out in the shade of the trees.  The tables and chairs were solid wood with padded chair pads and checked table clothes held in place with clothes pegs so that the wind wouldn't get underneath them and blow them away.

 Our table had a piece of wood with a painted golf ball mounted on it to keep the Menu in place.

And when I looked closely at the greenery in the glass jug I realised that it was parsley!

 Every table had flowers that matched the table cloth and unfortunately I have no photo of our morning tea but it consisted of scones with jam and cream and tea made on leaf tea in a pot, proper tea, enough for two cups each.  All for $10.00.

There was a hotly contested game in progress and one player took out his opponents ball from nearly 25 metres away.  This was greeted by cheering and clapping from on looking members and comments such as 'jolly good shot'.


I'm not sure if this player really had something in his shoe or if it was a tactic to regroup.

IMG_9408 - Version 2

 Not long after this they retired to the club house for tea but I think they would have had trouble finding somewhere to sit.  All the tables were full of people taking their morning tea.


That was one of the most enjoyable morning teas I have had and we will certainly add it to our things to do for next years flower show.



A precious memory shared

When I was a little girl I lived with my grandparents and we moved when I was about 4 years of age.  Then at 6 years I got rheumatic fever and moved back with them again.  My grandfather had an old fashioned squeeze box (which my sister still has)  that he would play to me and I would ride my rocking horse up and down the hall.  It was a ten button accordion a bit like this one.

He also had a ukeleli, old and battered and we would sing George Thormby songs together, he did the best impressions.  I still have those precious memories.

This was our special song, although I had no idea who George Formby was back then.


This little girl couldn't sleep because she kept thinking she could hear fireworks, so her father sang with her to keep her mind preoccupied.  The result is one of those precious memories they will also keep forever, and they have a video of it.  I'm glad he shared it with us.