Zippers 2a
Zippers 2 b - Part 2

Zippers 2 b - Part 1

Top Opening zipper

I was going to make one post for this but typepad doesn't want to save it so I will break it into sections.


The next four pouches are all very similar.  The zipper sits up proud above the top edge and each is inserted using the same method.  The difference lies in how they are finished.  The size has been dicated by the zipper that I am using and I have used a variety of fabric weighs.


As this zipper is meant to be seen the stitching is closer to the seam edge revealing more of the zipper.   This fabric is unlined so I have applied an iron on interfacing first. 

Place the main fabric and zipper edge, right sides together and stitch in position using a zipper foot.

Turn to the right side, press and top stitch along this edge.  Repeat for the other side. I use my zipper foot to do this so that I can stitch close to the edge of the fabric.  Because of the length of this zipper, one end will be closed so open the zip so that you can sew the top stitching.


Place both the front and back pieces right sides together and pin.  It you need to square up your fabric do it now.  Pin the zipper so that the top edges are parrellel to each other.


The side seam needs to cross the zipper teeth 1cm past the end of the teeth at both ends.  Sew the side seams starting at the bottom edge, reversing at the begining.  As  you near the zipper slow down you machine speed, stitch across the teeth, reverse back to just below the zipper.   Depending on how rough you are going to be with this zipper in opening and closing it you may want to reverse a couple of times to secure it firmly but make sure you finish you thread below the opening.

 So that this end of the zipper closes completely I fold the ends of the seam over and catch it in the zipper.  You have to be careful doing this as sometimes the fabric is just too thick and you end up with a bulge.  You have to decided between the buldge and not pushing the end of the zipper inside when you close it.


Trim back your seams and neaten.  Turn to the right side and iron. With this weight of fabric the zipper sits perfectly.





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Thank you for another instructive tutorial.

Carolyn Foley

My pleasure.

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