Zippers 2 b - Part 1
Zippers 2 b - Part 3

Zippers 2 b - Part 2

The next 3 pouches are all lined.  Two have bias binding covering the seams, one woven fabric the next paper based fabric and the other has a separate lining slip stitched into position.  The different linings all have differing effects on how that zipper sits.


Inserting the zipper is the same for each of these pouches,  (See previous posts.) it is the finished achieved that is different.

Pink Check - The zipper was top stitched and I used a light weight patchwork fabric for the lining .  I then wrapped the seams in a bias strip.  You could use a commercial bias or make your own.  (This is a great little video tute on how to do that.)

I treat binding this seam the same way I would bind a quilt, only the seam is a lot smaller and the bias will stretch around the corners.  At the non opening end you will find that the bound seam sits well under the zipper.

 At the other end I trim the seam end on an angle before binding the seam.


Because the seam is sewn 1cm past the clips the zipper has a good finish.


The lining in the blue and white pouch was a sewable paper fabric.  This was the easiest to work with but I haven't been able to source it since.  (I should have bought more.) You don't have to cut the paper on the bias just use a strip, with no hem allowance and sew over that seam.  The paper doesn't have the nice appearence of the woven fabric but it does sit better.



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I learnt them in the fashion workrooms and other neat places.

Carolyn Foley

I keep thinking of different ways to do these. It could go on for some time!

Carolyn Foley

It is cute.

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