Zippers - 1a & b
Zippers 2a

Zippers - 1 c

I found that the PDFs I put up yesterday were not viewing very well in Firefox.  I could overcome this by viewing them with Adobe but thought I would post another variation on this zip insertion using two piece of fabric. 

Again this is a front opening zipper.  The front fabric is cut in two and the raw edges of the fabric were neatened first.


This zipper has been inserted (using a zipper foot on the machine)in about the same position as the other two,  that is lining up the edges of the right sides of the fabric and zipper and stitching in position.   You need to decide just how much of the colour at the sides of the zip you want to show.  Stitching up close will reveal a little, closer to the outer edge will reveal more. DSC08470

Turn to the right side and iron flat remembering that this is a nylon zipper and if the heat is too high it could melt the teeth, even steam can distort the teeth so be careful!

On the right side, top stitch close to the edge on both sides of the zipper.  This zipper was a little long for the opening so I have stitched across the teeth to secure it and will remove the metal clips before neating the edge.  (You can shorten any nylon zipper by sewing across the teeth.)


Place the right side of the back and front fabrics together and pin in position. At this point it is a good idea to square up your fabic. 

Using a 1.5cm seam allowance sew around the perimiter and then neaten.  If you are not sure how to use the sewing guides on you machine mark the seam allowances with a pencil or washout marker.   Make sure you open you zipper a little before you do this or it could lead to an episode of bad language.


Turn through to the right side and press flat.


NOTE: I have used a furnishing fabric which is heavier than patchwork fabric.  If using patchwork fabric apply an iron on interfacing first.


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I agree, the pictures are clearer in today's post, but the tutorial is of equally high standard. You are such a good teacher!

Carolyn Foley

Thank you

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