Hishizashi Patterns
2013 Hishizashi Project No 5

Trying to keep up

I have knitted since I was 6 years old.  When we lived in the hot tropics I had to put it aside but I have always knitted.  It took me years as a teenager to learn to read knitting patterns and with complicated designs would keep a ruler under the line I was on.  Then Vogue and others put out  books on knitting  patterns and I sat and knitted sample squares.

Somewhere in this charts arrived on the scene, I missed their arrival, but then I found everything was charts, so I sat and studied them trying to move from one system to the other. ( I know there are lots of knitters of my generation who haven't made the switch.)  Now I am able to read them, I think, but when I found this book in Sydney I just had to have it.  I see there is a list of retailors here.

Why didn't I have this book before?  It is wonderful.  But, just like my computer, the system is about to move on.  The same author has developed another way to represent knitting patterns and I haven't fully mastered the chart one!  I keep thinking "JC Briar wait for me, let me catch up before you move on to another new thing."

So what is it?  Stitch-Maps.  No grids, the symbols are the same but they move the way the pattern does. 

Feather and Fan

One of the reasons I love knitting is the challenge of working out the pattern, the plain stuff is for sitting in front of the TV.  But patterns are serious stuff.  I sit in my special chair, all alone and work on that puzzle.  Some people do cross words, I like to knit.  But Gee, I wish I could knit like this.

(All images from JC Briar )


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Gee, I wish I could knit at all!


Knitting is such a complex process that people are constantly trying to find the easiest, clearest rendering. I suspect you'll see another two or three attempts at least!

Your reply to Queeniepatch is full of html again...!

Carolyn Foley

I think you are right. (I think I have got that html thing fixed.)

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