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Not seeing

I visit the Southbank Arts Precinct all the time.  On one side of the road are the theatres and on the other the art galleries, museum and State Library.  There is always something going on there.  I catch the bus into town and the bus station is in the middle of the road between all the venues.

Also, in the middle of the road at the end of the bus station, on a traffic island sits a sculpture, which I have never really looked at.  In fact it didn't register with me that it was there, yet it is huge. It is of a cicada and with all the rain that we have had the wings have taken on a opalescent colour and suddenly I saw it.

DSC07475It isn't as if it is a small sculpture, it's large.  Now I look at it everytime I cross over the road.
How could I have not seen it?


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I think I would have missed it too if it hadn't been for the opalescent gleam. The structure is 'modern, steely, mechanical...' Maybe I would have thought it was a sky light for underground parking, or a ventilator duct with a fan (that eye) or... Also remember that when one is busy crossing the street to go to an Art exhibition or get another book from the library, one isn't looking at things too close at hand, or what do you think?


Maybe it really wasn't there!

Carolyn Foley

I had thought about that.

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