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I have great difficulty getting sleep wear that is comfortable.  After a couple times in surgery  I don't like tight clothing around my middle and nighties just get in a mess.  I found a pair of HUGE pajamas in a sale, marked down to $5.00 and in a light weight knit, just right for this in between weather but miles too big.

The jacket, although roomy, didn't fall very far over my shoulders but the arms hung way over my hands.  The pants just fell straight to the floor, besides hanging over my feet.  Time for an alteration.

Using my overlocker I took the elastic and casing off the top of the pants and also shortened the arms and legs.  I stitched a new hem on both of these, just stitching on top of the overlocking.


I turned a new casing for another piece of elastic, that I can now replace if I need to, stitching at the top and the bottom  and threading a new piece of elastic that make the pants fit. (I also secured the elastic by sewing across the casing at the back and front to stop the elastic from twisting in the wash.)


So for the investment of half an hour and the cost of the elastic I have a new pair of custom made pajamas.  It pays to keep your eye on those sales .


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Well done you! The cotton looks very smooth and comfy.

Carolyn Foley

They are very comfy.


It does indeed! And it reduces the legwork involved in tramping around town trying to find something ready made that is suitable - because it won't be!

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