1 day Children's Holiday Class
Good Friday 2013

People at an exhibition

It is nearly the end of the APT7 and this exhibition had so many pieces and was so complex.  One of the biggest sculptures was the skeleton of a snake,  (it reminded me of Harry Potter's basilisk,) that hung in the entrance hall with the reflection moving sinuously  in the water.

On a number of occassion that I visited the gallery there always seemed to be a gaggle of children trying to draw it.

 I wonder if they thought it was that basilisk?

They actually made a good subject for a painting themselves.

 Along with the mother with four little children.  (I was jealous of the way she had them so under control.

The little girl running in the garden with such abandon and delight.

And the two ladies deep in conversation.


Sometimes the people at the exhibition are just as interesting as the exhibits.



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Aren't they just - so many lovely pictures!


Yes, that must be a basilisk, but it is not the Monster in the Chamber of Secrets - Harry Potter took one of its fangs, remember?
Great pictures!

Carolyn Foley

He did to. They used it in the last book.

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