Hishizashi Patterns
Hishizashi Patterns

In the wars

I don't know how I do it. 

After a year of slowly recovering from breaking 7 bones in my right foot and congratulating myself on being able to walk again, what do I do?  I went and broke a bone in my toe on that foot.  So here I am limping around again.  The Doctor say's that it will heal itself I just have to rest it.  The pain should go in a few days.  At least no plaster this time.

And poor Miss Charlie has joined me.


She went to the Vet's bright and chirpy and came home so ill.  No one is quite sure what has happened.  She had a monitoring procedure on her bladder and a session in with the groomer.  Poor little thing has now had a big pain killer injection and is sleeping.

I have been teaching most of the day so I think I will just get settled with a book and call it a day.


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You have been in the wars! I hope you and Miss Charlie are back on the mend soon.

Carolyn Foley

She is a lot better this morning after her injection.


Oh, now! Not again! At least you can keep each other company and try to be the first to get well again.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, both of you!

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