Valentine's Day
TAST 2013 - Triangular Feather Stitch

Hishizashi Patterns - 65 - 70

This month I decided to trial the Hishizashi Patterns on some other fabrics.  I am using the curtain fabric I trialed last year and a Laguna 25 count fabric.  Personlly I prefer the traditional hemp but looking at the history of this stitch it wasn't always stitch on this fabric or with this thread. 

There is mention of the women from this region (the north eastern area of Aomori prefecture Japan)  buying a large bundles of rags between a group of women.  This was then washed, cleaned and then patched and stitched into garments or other household pieces. Patterned and plain pieces of fabric together with Sashiko and Kogin stitching was used. (Boro garments) Some samples show that these patterns were stitched with woolen thread.  

I have a total of 12 patterns for the month.  I am starting with two designs which I have seen stitched in various ways. They are not startling patterns but when the patterns are nested and repeated they make a visually pleasing whole.  I have included two (2) of these repeat patterns on the PDF download at the bottom of this post.

The first two are small but seem to have been used as filling blocks between other patterns.  They are  patterns 65 and 66. I have stitched them here on Laguna 25 count fabric with No 8 Perle cotton.  They are only 1" (2.5 cm) at there widest point of the pattern when stitched on Laguna fabric.

(I am finding that many of the 'modern interpretations' of Kogin embroidery are being stitched on Lugano fabric and this months project will use this fabric with perle 8 cotton.)

Notes for using Laguna fabric and perle thread: 
  1.  If you have to unpick your stitching, after doing this twice you will have to get another thread because the twist will unravel.  Also the thread will leave a shadow.
  2. You have to 'stab' the fabric with your stitching. (one stitch at a time) The thread will sink into the weave if you try to 'scoop' the thread. (load your needle with multiple stitches)

DSC07583 - Version 2

Patterns No 67 & 68

I also saw them stitched with a 2 thread count between the edge of the pattern and a 4 count border.  I stitched these using the same fabric and thread.


Finally I saw the same pattern stitched with a 4 count space and 4 count border.  I stitched this sample on the Lugano fabric where it measured 4cm across.


Patterns 69 & 70

 Then stitched it using the 20 count furnishing fabric using 3 strands of kogin thread, where it was 5cm at the widest point of the pattern.


Download No 65 - 70


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