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December 2012

The Year Past


Time to measure how I did this year.  Well, out of five I achieved 2, nearly achieved 1 , partly achieved 1 and didn't come anywhere near the last.

1. To get back on my feet and be able to go hiking. 

Well I got back on my feet but I doubt that I will ever be able to go hiking again.  I can walk for a mile though and I will have to be happy with that.

2. A blog post every day

I missed 2 days due to illness but I sometimes did multiple posts on one day.   Nearly nailed that one.

3. Embroidery

50 Hishisashi patterns.

Nailed that one.

4. Return to teaching as a supply teacher

Missed that one altogether,  although I did a lot of Embroidery teaching as a tutor.

5. Spend time with my grandchildren and family

Nailed that one.

For my report card I think I should write:  "Working well but room for improvement."

Now for next year 2013.




Tapestry, Words & Pictures

One of the sites that I subscribe to is  Some of the stories I enjoyed this year were about "The tapestry".  The writter, Alex Makin has come to the conclusion that the same embroiderers worked the piece but that there were different artists doing the drawing.


Then there was the research into a mass grave that they thought were victims of the black death but it turns out that there had been a major volcanic eruption somewhere in the world that put so much dust in the air that all the crops and animal products failed causing the deaths of 15,000 people in London in the 1300's.

Also there is this amusing video about the history of the English language.   All you need to know in just 10 minutes.


Happy Birthday to Monique

Monique has turned 2 years of age and we were all invited to her party.  Her favourite food was chocolate cup cakes and fairy bread. (Her face is spread with the reminants of her favourite foods.)

She didn't want a birthday cake just cup cakes but got a bit worried about those sparklers.  Her cousins couldn't wait to get their hands on them.


Opening presents was fun to start but there were so many I got a bit bored at the end.

Her favourite present was her skirt from Aunty Laura.  It felt wonderful when you moved and those coins around the bottom edge made a great noise.  Her Dad tried to put her into another dress, no way.

Although she was given lots of toys it was the books she liked the best. One about the moon, her current obsession.

Another about going to the zooAll had to be read before opening any more presents.  The other children nearly went spare, wanting her to open her other presents, but no she had to read her books first.

 After all the eating and the presents it was time to put things away in my room but uncle Guy filled my bed with baloons which was the best fun.

Xmas and a birthday so close together make for great excitement, tired children and an exhausted Grandmother.

And another milestone, this is my 1,600 blog post




I haven't made my grand children a lot of clothes for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, it is cheaper to buy them.

Secondly, my daughter in law hates ironing so those little dresses will not be used.

But who cares if they are only used once?  I have got the bug to make little dresses.

This is dress No 1 and it has bloomers to go under it.


The beach

It is a cloudy day but the water still looks inviting.


We are far enough away from the glitz of Surfer's Paradise not to get caught up in all the hussle and bussle.  It has always been a tradition to spend Christmas holidays at the beach.  I have memories of terrible sunburn when I was a child.  You would spend all day in the surf and be cooked to a crisp, and that was down south.  Up here we have to be extra careful of the sun so swimming is before 11am and after 3pm and then you must have sunscreen a hat and a shirt.  You can tell the overseas visitors by the red colour of their skin.


Apartment buildings are right on the edge of the sand and all have balconies so you can take advantage of the views and the breeze.  Great place to stitch and take stock of the year past and the year to be.


This area has a patrolled beach so you can swim between the flags in safety.  Now it feels like summer.


The weather forcaste for the next week is showers.  I now have an excuse to just sit and stitch.