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September 2012

A bird

I am not keen on Ibis.  They float around in groups or even flocks.  You see them out in the paddocks eating, I'm not sure what.  You see them in the city eating anything and everything.  In the parklands they try to steal the food if you are having a picnic.  They get into the garbage.  I really don't like them.  but they do make a good subject to photograph. 

This one was washing in a bubbler in the courtyard at the art gallery.  I must remember not to use that bubbler.


Those weird legs!
He's seen me.  What a look of distain.

That head!

Back to the tail feathers.


Hishizashi Patterns

Pattern Numbers 26 & 27 are almost identical, the only difference if the outer border where one has a 4 count and the other a 6 count.  It wasn't until I put them together in a pattern that I could see what the purpose of the different count was.  I have put this pattern onto an 18 count cotton linen mix even weave fabric.  I want to make a purse that I can use when I only need my phone and my wallet.  I also wanted to use something other than the hemp fabric, which is great for hard wearing items.  It is however hard to source in western countries as are the Kogin threads.  So this combination pattern was stitched in Stef Francis Medium Perle thread.  I buy my threads on-line from the UK and find that they arrive within 10 days.

Combination No 26 & 27

Download Combination of 26 & 27


Pattern No 26

Download No 26


Pattern No 27

Download No 27 copy


TAST 2012 September 25th

Week 39  Knotted Button Hole Stitch

I love this stitch.  I have been using it for a while now and the more I use it the more I like it.  Because I use it so much I decided to try it in ribbon, something I haven't done before.  I like it even more.

It is spring here and everywhere I go the trees and plants are exploding with colours.  The noise of the birds is deafening at times and being that time of year I had to stitch flowers.  My senses have been overwhelmed over the past week or so with the beautiful gardens in Toowoomba.  I wanted to stitch some blossom like these.

But all those other colours crowded in.  So my blossom branches have a mix of all the colours I have seen in the last week.  I don't actually think I saw something like this it is just what happens when the senses get overloaded.


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Some more garden characters I found

In Laurel Bank Park I found an array of Gnomes and other garden creatures.  All the kids were fascinated with them.






It is school holidays here and families were in the park playing on the swings,

or eating lunch at the tables,

or just sitting on the grass.

Some kids actually looked at the flowers,

and others ran around the ponds.

The day was hot but the wind had a chill to it which was very refreshing.  What a lovely day in the park.  I think we will be struggling to get a full class for our children's embroidery classes next week.  It is a public holiday on the Monday and with this beautiful weather I think that families will have other things to do.

Rushing around

We rushed up to Toowoomba this morning to finish some business.  The road out wasn't too bad and we (my husband and I) made it up there before 9am.  As we had left early I had to eat something so we stopped at Picnic Point for some Fruit and Nut toast and coffee.

It was a hazy morning but the view was still pretty special.

The gardens were in full bloom and there were so many beautiful blooms. I will put together an album on Flickr to look at later.

After we had finished the formal stuff I wanted to pay a visit to Laurel Bank Park.  This isn't a big park but it is beautiful.


I got so many ideas for my work.  No trick photography or editing just the raw photo, so many colours and shapes. I am so tired that I think it is time just to go to bed.  The rest will have to wait until later.


A busy weekend

Saturday saw myself and a group of friends hire a mini bus and head up to Toowoomba for the beginning of the Carnival of Flowers, along with a good percentage of Brisbane.  We left at 8am to miss the traffic.  It didn't work, but we got up the range and arrived about 10:15am.  Just behind us two buses broke down and blocked the highway and people were stuck for over an hour waiting, not very patiently.


Once the Carnival is on your know it is really spring.  We went to see the Quilt Show,  I will be returning during the week to get some more photos of the quilts and the flowers.  We got home about 6:30pm and then it was off to a concert.  A very long day.

I like the Toowoomba Quilt show for a number of reasons.  Firstly it is a country show and all the quilts are by the members.  This means there is a huge range.  From a quilt for the kids right through to the best of the state.  Secondly there is always embroidery on a lot of the quilts and some of it is stunning.  I will return later in the week to show some of Robyn Ginn's quilts.  The detail is just delicious.


 I love the Lantana flowers, those are just the colours of Lantana flowers, and wht about those leaves?


She has a different way of seeing a crazy quilt.  It is and it isn't a crazy quilt.  Look at those beautiful buttons.  I will take a few days next week to showcase each of her quilts that were in the show.

Next morning I just didn't want to do anything so we walked down the road to a local bakery/cafe, who bake the best bread, and had breakfast.  I think I was still asleep when I put my order in because cheese and jam doesn't really appeal but this was delicious.



Those Gnomes

Those gnomes that I gave my grand daughter decided they would prefer to sit under a plant in the garden.


 Monique came along and nearly went into a panic.  They had to go back where they belonged on the bricks. ( I think they liked the garden better, they look so relaxed deep in conversation.)


Well, they seem to belong to her at least.  Looks like we have a neatness freak.  She came to visit whilst I was out on Sunday and was very interested in my Gnome Joe.  I wonder what seeds have been planted?

A walk in the park

Sheer frustration when the internet goes down.  They have landscapers in next door and they disturbed the connection.  So I went for a walk in the park, came home and it was fixed.

I did see some interesting things, like this sign.


And this one in the middle of a no go area.  Rather you could ascend.


This is the weirdest topary garden.


But all the roses were beautiful.

No activity at the Stage Door.  We are in the middle of the Brisbane Festival at the moment and all the theatres are working full time.  This lot are still asleep.

I nearly got fined for stepping on the garden to get this image.  I love lavender.

I'm getting better taking photos on my iphone.