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TAST 2012 August 21st

Week 34   Linked Double Chain

This isn't a hard stitch, in fact it is an easy stitch to pick up.  I have never used it before so I had no preconceptions about it.  But, the moment I saw it I knew it was something I had been looking for.

Why?  Well I bought a set of woodcut cards in London back in the 1970's.  They were of people who plyed their trades on the streets of London back in the early 1800's. They are the size of playing cards but printed on the back it says that they were originally published in a series of chapbooks, "Pictures of Real Life For Children."

I have always liked them but just didn't know how to use them.  Then I saw this stitch and it is perfect for stitching over the woodcut print.  It isn't regular the way I stitch it but that first stitch makes a great edge and the following line is so broken it is just like a woodcut print.

The caption on this print reads;

Man with his Dancing Bear. This curious sight is frequently seen about the streets of this great city, and is far from being the most contemptible.


This is my first audition of the stitch in the coat and hat of the bear handler.

 The V & A has a big collection of chapbooks and just as an aside there is a wonderful Facebook page of "Shakespeare and Company Bookshop"  it is just like one of those great old bookshops I bought these cards from.


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What a great choice - as you say, it's perfect for this situation!

Carolyn Foley

Yes,it has been added to my list of stitches.


Well, now, you have really put the stitch to a very interesting use! I will check out the page you mention to see what wood cut images are like! This was certainly gets your attention, and is so fun! Thanks for showing!!!
xoxo- Julie

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