Time for the Ekka - 1
Hishizashi Patterns

TAST 2012 August 14th

Week 33   Pekinese Stitch

This week has been a struggle to get my piece done.  I have had the flu and after having to spend 2 full days in bed I was left with a very fuzzy head.  On top of this I had to help main the stand at the Ekka, another day gone.

When I actually got to the stitching I just couldn't get going.  I tried the stitch in all kinds of threads.


Then thought that it might make a nice trim on a clutch bag I am going to make to match an evening jacket. It looked quite good and I think I will use it for the flap on the bag.  But I am not going to iron it.  The fabric melts being a synthetic.


Next I thought I might try a bit of felt and experiment with using machine stitching in place of back stitch.  This I did with two of the outside rows.  Not a bad result and I think it warrants further experimentation.  The wavy row between these two was worked over a running stitch, again not bad.

DSC06119 - Version 2

But what to put between the bands.  As Pekinese Stitch is normally worked over a back stitch I drew a design, based an a piece of lace, and worked this in back stitch.  Then worked the flower sections in another colour adjusting the size of the loops as I went.  I am very pleased with the effect.


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I like your flower design, interesting use of the stitch... the shape reminds of grape hyacinths.

Carolyn Foley

Thanks Nays. This one took ages to come up with.


Wow! I really like all our variations!

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