Who say's embroidery is old fashioned?
TAST 2012 August 21st

More about those bras

The University of Innsbruck has posted more details about those Medieval bras that were found at Lengberg Castle.  There is one article that talks about the needle lace and has some interesting information. 

The other thing is the stretch panels for movement.  These look knitted, which makes sense.

This is one website I intend to keep my eye on as new information comes to light.

Detailed research is being done by Beatrix Nutz and Dr. Harold Stadler is responsible for the whole project of analysing and cataloguing the material.


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It's going to be fascinating, as they find out more!

Carolyn Foley

Yes it is. I look at the stitching and wonder about who did it?

Ted Juhl

It's nice to see pieces of history about bras right there. Just like what Rachel said, it is definitely fascinating if they are able to find out more about these bras. Anyway, it seems like in the Medieval Age, people were already trying to be stylish. The knitted bras were designed like those laced bras of today.

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