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Food & the Baby Blanket

Thought the best thing I could do for the new parents, (my son and his wife) was to cook enough food so that they didn't have to cook for the next week.  That has meant chopping lots of vegetables and putting everything into containers for delivery. 


My secret weapon for the broth is pearl barley it bulks up the soup making it more like a stew. 


I made 2 pasta meals, 2 casseroles, stuffed chicken drumsticks, plus a huge pot of beef broth.   I have to say the look of appreciation on their faces made the time spent worthwile.

When I delivered the food baby Jasmin was just finishing her feed and was off to sleep.  My first grand daughter needed to be swaddled but this one is happy just to be covered up.  A lot of the things I made for Monique didn't get used as she was born in high summer.  This baby has arrived at the beginning of winter.  When she was put down she was covered in a flanelette blanket I made for her sister. ( I posted a tutorial for making this.)


I bought a few pieces of this fabric in Houston  (USA) and have searched for something the same or similar ever since, with no luck.  It was a Moda fabric and the quality of fabric was beautiful.   Hope this baby keeps sleeping like this.

An oldie but a goodie.

I bought Monique a new book called "I love my baby sister" and wanted a bag to put it in.  So, I went back to an old tutorial I have in my bookmarks from p.s. I quilt.  It has been there so long it is top of the list!!  It's a great little bag although I am always changing the dimensions to fit what I want to put in it.  Like the bag I made for these Xmas presents for my sisters grandchildren back in 2009.


This time I needed it to fit the book and I decided to only quilt the bottom becuase it had to be made in less than 40 minutes.


I used the basic design and added a border on the top to match the base.  Of course I did this after I had cut the lining so here was a bit of adjustment to get the handles right.


Monique loves it, her own bag to carry around and put things in.


I dropped into Ikea today and bought some little softies.  I think they will need their own bag as well.


From the edge

There are people in this world who walk so close to the edge of things, Lucy McRae is one them.  She straddles the world of fashion, technology and the body. The visual appeal of some of the music videos she has made is truely great.


Her recent appearence at TED demonstrates how she stretches the possible.  I love the idea of taking a pill that reacts with you body chemistry to produce a perfume that your own body realeases in your perspiration.


TAST 2012 May 22nd

Week 21   Butterfly Chain Stitch

 What a dastardly act? 

Who can be responsible for this terrible outrage?

Has the world gone mad?

Who in this world would chain a butterfly?

Look how they flutter to escape their bonds.  Those beautiful creatures that are the metamorphosis of the humble caterpillar.  But look, the pink butterfly is free.



Link to crocheted butterfly tutorial

Link to Pintangle   Link to Flikr

Religion and babies

Now that we have 2 grand daughters I am more interested in the world they will inherit.  That's not completely true.  I've always been interested in what kind of world our children will inherit it is just a bit more personal now.

One thing that concerns me is population growth.  This talk by Hans Rosling put things into perspective.  He has a great way with cutting through the crap.


All the schedules have to be re written!

A new baby throws everything out of time.  I was going to have to have so many things done and you know what, I haven't done one of them.  So I need to rewrite my schedules.  I did get some of my last minute things done for the baby, like sewing on buttons.  Not knowing the gender I left that till the last minute.


Not good photos I'm afraid, due to poor light.


A couple of hats that will be too big for the first few weeks.



And I found a couple of things I had forgotten I had made.  This bib that I embroidered with frogs done in bullion stitch, I got carried away with working in 1 thickness of thread.

DSC05394 DSC05393

And I found that I had crocheted around a whole heap of washers.


All told I had two bags of goodies to take to the hospital.  One bag was the shawl but still I hadn't realised that I had made so much.

Here she is

Our new grand baby has arrived. After all the fuss she caused threatening to arrive very early she settled on being 11 days early with her hand in front of her face.  She looks very like her sister at the same age and we know her name is NOT going to be Victoria.  What her name is going to be is being decided upon by her parents, we are not sure when.  Looks like we have another red head.


That time of year - 2

I try to walk every day to strengthen my damaged foot and leg.  I fume that it never seems to improve but on reflection I can see that I am ranging further every day, even if I'm limping badly by the time I get home.  But there have been compensations. Because I can't walk as fast as I would usually I look at things in more detail.  Like the Leopard trees (caeslpinnea ferrea) that line part of my street. These trees originate in Brazil and thousands of them have been planted by the council to line streets, even in the business district.


I love these trees.  There is something about their shape and form that attracts me.  But it is the bark that is the most beautiful.  It changes colour and texture and this can range from pale greens and mauve's through to shades of grey and browns.

DSC05217 DSC05220
DSC05219 DSC05221

By the time I get to the river Charlie and I take a rest.  Since the floods and the destruction of the river walk this part of the river bank where we sit is a private oasis.


From our bench we look out at the river,


and watch the passing river traffic.  Little cross river ferries,


Big commuter ferries.


And we sit and enjoy the sunlight, the solitude and the reflections in the water.


This change of pace has definitely had it advantages.

That time of year - 1

As the northern hemisphere looks forward to summer we are winding down to winter.  Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I keep saying this but it's true and I appreciate it more with each passing year.   The temperature wanders between 12 and 25 degrees centigrade which is very pleasant and at this time of year the last flush of flowers is in every bush and tree.

During the week my husband and I went up to Mount Cootha for breakfast.  We arrived after the joggers and before the tourists.  It is only a 15 minute drive to get there and it was a hazy morning.  This meant that we couldn't see the ocean but that didn't stop our pleasure at looking out over the city.  This photo makes it look far away but it was actually very close.


As you can see when I switched from panorama view.  Sitting up here looking over the city gives you a different perspective on Brisbane.


The breakfast was delicious.


And the flowers around the cafe, beautiful.



I think we will have to explore more breakfast outings.