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Hem 6

Because of the size of the sample I decided that to withdraw 8 threads on all sides wouldn't leave a lot of space for stitching. So I have only done this at the top and the bottom and withdrawn 2 threads along the sides.  This will be one of the last hems where I will weave in the withdrawn threads. Once you withdraw this number of threads it is easier to buttonhole over the edges. ( The hem preparation and stitching is demonstrated in  Hem 5 .)


But this left me with the dilema of what to do with the hole left at the sides.  I decided to make another 3 thread bundle in each hole by using the embroidery thread.  This isn't hard to do as you can see in the following images.

I start by anchoring my thread in the hem  or you could start in the first stitch of the longer side. Starting in the hem will give you 4 threads, in the side  3 threads.



I make sure I do a half hitch to anchor the thread and give the appearance that these threads were part of the fabric.


A half hitch is stitched by passing the needle under the fake threads and over the cotton and pulling the thread tight.  In this case I hadn't  finished  the hem stitching on this side so I just continued on.  In the example above after inserting the threads I took my thread out through the side hem and finished off.


I then decided to gather the bundles into groups of 2.  I think that groups of 3 would have looked just as good.  I did this by joining each group with a chain stitch.  The only thing to watch is that you keep a good tension on the floating thread and that you watch which side of the thread you place your needle.


This is another very easy hem finish.



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It does look good - simple and elegant!

Carolyn Foley

Thanks Rachel.

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