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My TAST hems for March were all based on a simple drawn thread method.  Nothing fancy here but they still require you to spend the time on preparation. Firstly tacking out the hems and then withdrawing the threads.


Then the removal of one thread followed by the weaving in of the second thread so that there are no holes in the hem. 



I find that if you remove one thread and then weave in the next the fabric sites better. 




This is even more important when you want to remove more than two thread.  Make sure that you begin in the middle of the row to remove the thread and then withdraw each end.


The thread is started by hiding the back stitch under the turned over fabric and then stitched from left to right gathering three threads at a time.   Two threads doesn't really show the stitch to the best advantage, expect when you are using a corse fabric, and four threads is just a bit much unless you are going to split the bundles later.


 When I come to a corner I take 2 small hemming stitches to hold the hem firm.


If I want to have a more linear finish I take my thread down to the bottom edge through a stitch and then stitch the bottom of the gathered thread into the main body of the fabric.  Making sure that I pick up the same number of threads all the way around, I find that 2 threads works well.


If I want a zig zag appearance I withdraw 4 threads and then make each bundle an even number so that they are balanced when split.  I take my thread down the length of the withdrawn threads and catch it into the first stitch on the fabric side picking up 2 threads.


Two threads from each bundle are joined in the same way.  That is working left to right and picking up two thread of the fabric.


This is an easy yet attractive hem finish.


So these are the three hems I have used and they are relatively quick and easy to stitch.  I have to admit these are the hems I use the most on my work. 


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You make it look so easy ! I always thought it would be hard to do, but the more I see your photos the more I thing I could do it.

Carolyn Foley

It isnt hard at all. Once you do the preparation the rest just follows.

خياطة وتفصيل

very very beautiful
thank you so much :)

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