Easter Sunday
Selecting colours

Easter Monday

We had a wonderful Easter sunday with family and friends all arriving for breakfast.  My husband tried to help with the cooking, not the best, but I am still very slow on my feet.  Some times I despair that I will ever be back to normal movement.  But I can move which is a blessing.  I have now been fitted with surgical stockings and have a new physio who has done wonders draining the lymph out of my leg.  We caught the lympodema just before it became irreversible.  (I hope)  Still, I have to suspend all long air travel until there is some improvement.

Part of my new exercise plan includes swimming 3 times a week so I am off to the pool this morning.  I'm going to have to find a heated pool as the weather gets cooler.  Then I will start an embroidered table cloth that I want to make.  (And put off the TAST sampler, I hate satin stitch.)

I took the pattern from an old tablecloth that my daughter- in-law brought from Holland.  She thinks it might have been her grandmother or great grandmother's stitching.


I still haven't worked out what thread was used, partly because it has been washed a lot.  It looks like a broder thread, then again it might be two strands of stranded cotton. ( If you click on the image you can increase the size to see the actual stitches.)This design is interspersed with small sprays of flowers that are in the centre of the medallion.


I have drawn out the pattern and it is included here as a PDF file if you would like to use the design  . Download Tablecloth


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Bonjour Carolyn,
Je vous remercie pour ce modéle. Je pense le broder, je le trouve trés joli, j'aime beaucoup ces broderies anciennes.
Bon dimance. Cordialement.


Carolyn Foley

Bonjour Chantal,
cest un beau vieux design, heureux que vous aime ca.
Cheers Carolyn

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