TAST 2012 February 28th
Makes you think

Hem 4

This hem begins in the same manner as all the hems for February.  That is I tacked out the finished size and then the width of the hem I wanted on either side.  For this hem I allowed 20 thread and I used 32 threads to 1" fabric.  I worked the rabbits first in double running stitch. 

I adapted a pattern that I found at Berlin Designs where they are running a Blackwork Mini Mystery Project.  I added a tail and an eye to the design.   There were some really cute designs here.  (This project is running in March and April so there will be other free designs available.)

 Next I mitred the corners and tacked and ironed the hem into position.  One thread below the design I stitched a line of one back stitch, one running stitch, over 4 threads, around the whole piece.  When stitching I used a crewel needle (sharp point) that would pass through the three folds of fabric, using a stabbing motion with the needle. 


I then went back and embroidered the detail between the rabbits through one layer of fabric.

IMG_0005_NEW - Version 3

By using this method the hem stayed flat and did not give the 'frame effect'.


 Lots of work, but I am pleased with the result.


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It's quite charming - worth all the work, I think!

Carolyn Foley

Yes it was worth the work. It has given me lots of ideas.


Love this hem and the cute little rabbits.

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