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August 2011

Wish it was mine

To get to the Guild building you have to walk past an Op shop.  It has lots of rubbish BUT every so often a gem appears.  One of our Tuesday ladies, Ronnie, was walking by and found this.

To top it off it was only .50c.

I think it comes from Vietnam and I love the wooden catch.


 I will have to try this design out but I have no idea where I will get a toggle to suit it.

Gee I wish it was mine. 

Well what is mine are beautiful, shiny, clean benches in my kitchen.  It's a bit tragic, but they are lovely to look at.  What I need now is a house elf to keep them that way.


River Houses

The sun has gone behind some thunderstorm clouds but we need the rain.  I think this will be a hot summer when it gets here. 

As I was on one of my walks I was struck by the diversity of houses on the other side of the river.  River side property is much sort after, especially if it is above the flood zone and there is a stretch of river frontage like this across from New Farm Park.  It has one of the best selection of old Victorian Houses that have large grounds and flow down to the river.


They have a grace that mirrors the curves of the river and don't jar the senses.


With new engineering practices those areas which were too steep to build on are now being developed and the houses are angular and cramped together.


Maybe it is because they are so close together that they don't sit in the landscape with grace?  Even some homes of a later era look better than these.  (This tree is covered in seed pods which will all drop before the new leaves open, which should be soon.)


It is the lack of greenery, plants and trees that are missing?  The plantings that have been put in the new developments are all of the sculptural type not the rambling varieties. There is one house I love.  It isn't as grand as some of the others but it reflects the subtropical environment and the river besides which it sits.

The verandahs sit under the roof which is like a wide shady hat and originally the down stairs would have all been open to let the air circulate.  A great place for kids to play, to hang the washing out of the rain and store all the yard junk.  Perfect for this environment. And down by the river, what an ideal place for morning tea, catching the breeze and watching the river flow by and less than 5ks from the centre of the city.

Life might be a bit slower than in other cities in Australia but it is sure a great place to live.

Spring inches closer

I have had a series of failures with my sewing and embroidery.  It quite saps the soul.  I think these pieces will need to be binned.  I haven't had this kind of failure rate for years.   The thing is you keep on hoping that you can rescue your work while knowing it's a lot cause.  Failure does not sit happily on my shoulders.

So, to lighten my load I decided to take a walk.  We have had a few days of heavy rain and it has been chilly but everything has been washed clean.  All the dust has been washed out of the air and the flowers are everywhere.  How did I miss these?


Walking up my street I looked up and saw that the Camphor Laurels had all put on new clothes of bright green, (all the old leaves have been removed by the rain and are now clogging the gutters.)


I walked on down to the river to where the 'river walk' used to be before the flood.  This was one of my favourite walks and I have keep away from this area but this day I walked up the river bank and found it strangely peaceful.  There were no crowds of joggers, bikers, walkers or families just the river and the reminders of times past. But, a positive point is that the water is starting to turn blue again.  There is still lots of brown but there is now lots of blue.



A steel gate barrs access to the walk and the remains of a bench, broken by the force of the water, sits as a lonely reminder of the flood.

It was here that I realised that there were flowers everywhere.  The creepers were reaching for the sun.


The bird of paradise flowers were displaying their beauty.

And Spring really is inching closer. 

With a lighter heart I walked onto the next park and found this is where all the walkers etc had moved to, along with the birds.  The birds have been attracted by all the fresh blooms loaded with nectar.  The Coral trees are all flowers and no leaves, making it easy for the birds to get to the flowers.



I am always surprised by birds.  When I downloaded the images I find they are looking right back at me.

The lorikeets look our from the greenery and yell to tell their mates to look at there is someone down there taking photos.

I decided to miss New Farm Park, as it was Sunday and would be full of people, instead I walked home through the streets I knew had gone under in the flood.  All that water has made the gardens bloom,

and the street trees have exploded with flowers.


You know, I have now decided that one piece of embroidery is for the bin, another has to be unpicked and started again and I think I can fix the remaining one.


Another T.E.R.S. piece

At my patchwork group's meeting last week one of our memebers, Meryl, brought along an old stained tablecloth which she repurposed as a coat hanger cover.  Neat.


 I've got a bag of stained old embroideries from Op shops.  Looks like there is a use for them.

There are signs

It is still very chilly here, especially in the morning and evening.  So, when I was out early and saw this tree and I thought there had been a frost.


I need new glasses, these are all flowers not frost.


Just another sign that spring is on the way.



My new edition of Frankie has arrived so I have been curled up reading most of the day.


I was alerted to this magazine a number of years ago by one of my students and I find it a constant source of inspiration.  I wish I had lots of coloured knitting needles to be able to do this but all of mine seem to be dull colours.


  Love Knot Rings

Knitwit bangles_high
You can find all of these and more at Liana Kabel.  (There are lots of interesting things on the Frankie Website.)

Nearing the end of winter

Those cold winds that usually come at Ekka time have arrived a week late this year along with the rain.  As my garden is looking like a brown desert I'm quite glad to see the rain.  And the first leaves have just opened on the wisteria, so even though it is cold, spring is just around the corner.


One of the participants at the weekend workshop, Margaret, brought along a mobile she has been stitching.  It is not your usual mobile though.  It is two pieces of embroidery mounted and backed to each other.  It is then suspended and as it moves the light catches the gold embroidery.  What a beautiful idea.



Weekend Embroidery

I did a 2 day work shop with Alison Snepp this past weekend on a piece of Thracian Embroidery. The link is to Alison's embroidery, I hardly got anywhere with my piece.  I am having terrible trouble with seeing my stitching.  I have cataracts on my eyes and have to wait until they get worse before they will operate.  But, I learnt lots of odds and ends on how to get a better finish on my work.

It was interesting looking at a piece of embroidery in the Guild collection that had been accessioned as Turkish but it was definitely Thracian. The gold thread had discoloured but it was still beautiful.





The bits I missed.

I missed the wood work,


Not a lot of entries but there was a lot of interest.


Everyone liked this cake.


And this was a nice piece of crochet.


Then there was the pleasure at looking at all the different kinds of hats.

Hats on children.


These bubble guns were popular.


Hats on Teenagers.


And hats from the bush.

DSC02699 DSC02813

and the ladies.

DSC02811 DSC02812

And now it is all over for another year.