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A wet day

TAST 2010 -Weeks 28 & 29- Raised Chain Stitch Versions 1 & 2

I have gotten a little behind again with this stitching.

Version 1


This was one of those relaxing stitches when worked in the band.  For those first three rows it kind of stitched itself.


For the next variation I worked a star shape and found that this worked well.  The worm thing was worked with 2 strands of stranded cotton with a tight tension.  It wasn't difficult to get the stitch to wave.


Next I tried some winged things with various levels of success.


Lastly was the fence and vine.  I started with the fence, laying the base threads and then pulling it to the shape I wanted with the raised chain.  I then stitched this same stitch, but detached, to make the red flowers and  finished off the leaves with lazy daisy stitch.  This was far more successful than I thought it would be.


Version 2

At this point all inspiration left me so I decided to just stitch different types of bands.


The first 5 bands were stitched on a base of 3 strands of stranded cotton.  This meant that the upper stitching stood proud.

Lines 1 - used 2 different weights of yarns.

Line 2 - used a silk thread placing the raised chain on either side and threading a ribbon through the exposed base threads.


Line 3 - worked in wool thread starting with a two count, then the next line was off-set and the centre line was worked over a one count. Then the first 2 lines repeated.

Line 4 - was worked in Danish Flower thread. 


Line 5 - again silk threads, the variegation of the thread gives a nice effect.


Line 6 - Here I used a thick wool thread for the base and a thin silk thread tor the chain stitching.  To anchor the centre line I attached beads sewing them through the fabric.




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That looks like fun! I love the flower-twisted fence!

Carolyn Foley

Thanks Rachel.

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