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August 2010

The flu and numbers

The flu does funny things to your eyesight and how your brain works.  I tried to do some more blocks of my pin wheel quilt but I just couldn't get it right.  The problem was that I didn't read the measurements correctly.  I got 3/8ths and 7/8ths mixed up and the result was a mess.  But I think the colours are starting to mix well now that I have the third line in place.


There are still shashing strips to go between each block but that dark fabric isn't looking so out of place.


Now, I had these blocks on the table, so, I climbed up onto the table to take the photo.  Bad move.  I forgot about my leg and then got stuck and had to wait for my husband to come home to be rescued.   I think I should just go to bed till I get over this flu.


Not enough room

We have a problem with having enough seating on the front verandah.  Everytime someone moves a certain dog jumps into their chair.


There was a two seater chair under the house so I pulled it out but no one wanted to sit in it as it wasn't as comforable as the single chairs.  So I cut up a piece of foam to the size of the base but couldn't leave it like this.

At the Embroiderers Guild they have a sale table and often get manufactures samples.  I now have two large boxes of bits.  They are all beautiful but too small to do anything with, so, I thought that as this is an old chair I would patch the pieces and make a cover for the foam.  I piped the edges but had to cut and join lots of pieces to get enough length for the piping.  I used velco to close the top rather than a zipper.  It received the nod of approval straight away.


But the back was a bit ordinary.  So into the boxes again and I patched two cushion to go with the base.


The fabric in the central cushion panels had a retail price of nearly $1000 per metre on the tag!  After I got the glue off and cut around the punched holes and the stuck on paper this was all I was left with.  The fabric around the edge wasn't straight but I needed to use it to make the cushion front the right size.  I had enough of the stripe fabric for the back of the cushions.


Still I'm quite pleased with my days work.  I just hope this keeps that pesky dog out of my chair.

I have the flu

I have been fighting this cold all week but it has finally got me.  I can't think, move or do anything except sleep.  In fact I have slept for almost the last 20 hours.  Hope it repairs my brain.

The other thing I miscalculated was the amount of wool I had left over after I finished my last rug. I thought there was just a little.   Crocheting is mindless, so while my mind has been somewhere else I have been crocheting.  Now I find I have a rug the size of the top of a single bed.   And bed and sleep are where I am going back to again.


This one won't win any prizes

No there are so many mistakes in this quilt top, but that isn't important.  This was a quilt that I made to learn how to do needle turn applique but it has taught me a lot more.


Back in August 2002 I emerged from the Doctor's surgery at the hospital in a daze after being told that the lump in my breast would have to be surgically removed because the biopsy had come back positive.  My mother had died of breast cancer and my cousin had just had her breast removed.  I kept telling myself this wasn't the 1960's, a lot had been discovered about the disease since then.


I needed to pull myself together so headed to a patchwork shop nearby to buy some fabric, (typical response of a fabricaholic) and there behind the counter was Denise who I known from another shop that had recently shut down.  Denise had been a Home Economics teacher in the past and we had a number of acquaintances in common.   I blurted out my diagnoses, and Denise being Denise knew just the right words to say.


The up shot of this was that after the operation and while still receiving treatment I joined a Saturday morning group with her to learn needle turn applique.  I finished all the blocks and the sawtooth shashing and took it to the shop to show her.  She wasn't there.  She had been diagnosed with cancer.  I put the quilt away and couldn't look at it again until I heard that she was recovering well.  I spoke to her and things seemed positive, so, I was able to start on the shashing.  But unfortunately her cancer returned again and within a short time she died.  Every time I looked at the quilt I felt guilty.  I had lived and Denise, who was a much better person than I, who was loved by lots of people, who was talented and had so much to live for, had died and I hadn't.


Then this year again I was told there was a lump in my breast that would have to be removed.  The tests had come back unclear but there was my family and personal history to be considered.  It was then that I pulled out this quilt again.  There are so many mistakes.  Some of the leaves are not smooth, an occassional point is off, not all the saw tooth points are perfect.  But it really doesn't matter.   Who am I to question the goodness of God or his divine will.


The next set of test after the removal of the lump came back clear.  So I pulled that quilt out again and remembered all the friendship, support and love I had experienced when stitching it.  I shouldn't feel guilty, rather I had been blessed.   I took the quilt away with me to finish this last weekend and as I stitched I remembered what a beautiful person Denise was and how lucky I was to have known her.

Some of my friends quilting

As we all worked on our pieces last weekend some of us made great progress.  (Some of us spent the time socialising and didn't get as much done.)  There were some beautiful quilts.  Cheryl brought this fabric back from the USA where her son, his wife and child live.  It is a quilt as you go by Moonshine Designs. We are all eyeing this one off.

Both Dianna and Pat had bought the same 'Jelly Roll',   (I can't remember the name) but the quilts they made were quite different.

DSCF0023 DSCF0125

And Sue, (who likes blue)  did a pretty disappearing nine patch.


Ros worked on some blocks using this fabric.


DSCF0071 DSCF0069

My excuse for nothing to show is that I was doing needle turn applique which is very slow.

Maleny Magic

My daughter-in-law has asked for a floor rug for the new baby.  Funny story about this new baby.  The parents want to know the sex of the baby in advance so every time they head off for their scan we all ask "Well what is it?"   The problem is when they look to see the sex, the baby crosses it's legs.  Looks like this one is going to keep us guessing up till it is born.

Back to the floor rug.  I have been agonizing over what to make.  The crochet rug I'm working on is for the baby and every time I show ideas to Inge she is polite but clearly not impressed.  The theme she has chosen for the babies room is animals.  With this in mind I have been looking for fabric.  At the Maleny Magic Patchwork & Quilting shop I came across a Robert Kauffman panel, last years stock, but I thought it might do the job.  When I showed Inge her face lite up and I knew I had finally got just what she wanted.  


They also had a great range of blenders in bright colours


And I purchased some other pieces, just because I liked them and think I might make some bibs and other bobs for the baby.


Thinking about it, I'm glad that I am not too close to these quilt shops, because as a fabricaholic I would just sink deeper into my addiction.


I did some work on my next dragon today but my eyes are still not working properly.  I found I had got the green and the blue mixed up on my quilt, so it had to come undone.   I hope everything is back to normal in the next few days.

About my visit to the quilt shops in Maleny this last weekend.  I have been following The Blog, Quiltopia for a while now so I took the time to find the shop.  It is owned by Ann Ferguson who was surprised when I said I read her blog.  Her response was "I get so few comments I didn't think anyone looked at it."  Well I have a look all the time.   I also look at her web page Quiltopia Design.  (Although since she has changed her hair colour  I was a little confused about who was the real Ann.  )


Now, the shop is small but it is packed with loads of goodies, as my credit card knows.  


The palette is fresh and modern and Ann's quilt designs are do-able.  I liked this one where she has used recycled old embroideries stitching some extra details into the pieces before using them in the quilt.   I have a bag of old embroideries that are dull and not very well stitched to start with.  A little bit of extra stitching would make all the difference.




I also like the use of hand quilting using perle embroidery thread.  It gives this homely touch to the quilt .


I don't get up the coast very often but this is one shop I intend to add to my list of "must visit when in the area".   Anne also has a range of products on ebay   

Home Again

The things they do to you in hospital!  I expected my leg and knee to be sore but what have they done to my throat and eyes?  And my mind is all fuzzy as well.   Having said that the Doctors and Nurses couldn't have been kinder, but they kick you out pretty quick, just one night and you're out.  (As long as you have someone to look after you at home.)  I'm so glad that I prepared meals for the week before I went in.  I just couldn't stand up to do that at the moment and the thought of take-aways is horrible.


I had a great couple of days up at Mapelton before I went into hospital.  I don't think I was good company because all I could think about was all the things that might go wrong with the operation.    But I did find another quilt shop "Quiltopia" and visited the one I knew "Patchwork Magic".  Let it be said that I came home with far more fabric than when I left.  Both shops are so different you can do permanent damage to your credit card.

I need to lie down again and sleep, the words are swimming on the screen.  All blogging will have to wait until tomorrow.

Even the dog is in on the act!

I thought I only had to worry about my daughter coveting my crocheted rugs but Miss Charlie has got in on the act as well.

When asked to move I got this "I'm asleep response."


Then  "What do you want, I'm so tired".


Followed by, "This is MY rug".


The rug isn't finished yet, hopefully I will get some more done this weekend.  I am off for a weekend up at Mapelton with my quilting group,  so no posts for a couple of days.  But, I have finished another dragon.