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December 2009

The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6)

I spent the day at the Gallery of Modern Art where the APT6 is showing.  I must admit that I got carried away.  I took 490 photographs, just got immersed in the whole thing.  There is so much inspiration that I am in overload.  So, one piece or artist per day.

The piece  by Zhu Weibing, Ji Wenyu  "People holding flowers" is just spectacular.   There are 100 models of men holding flowers in the installation.  Every one is an individual.  Every piece of clothing is slightly different and every flower is the same.  My thoughts were about how the clothing was constructed.  As you can see from the photos they are about the same size as dolls.  All those little suits were amazing.

I was interested to read that Zhu was trained as a fashion designer.  That certainly shows in this textile based sculpture.  The sculpture is about the artist's perception about collective consumerism.

IMG_2447 IMG_2444
IMG_2445 IMG_2446

On the Design for this week,  I'm not doing too good.  I have a couple of designs drawn up but getting them to work in fabric just isn't happening.  I will give it another go but if that doesn't work it's back to the drawing board.

Hitting the sales

 On the bus, into town to see what bargains could be found.  ( I didn't set out to make that rhyme it just did!) 

I got some great bargains today.  Six singlet shirts for $18.00 at Rivers, they had plenty of size 14's.

Most of my Christmas decorations, cards, paper ribbon at 50% off at Lincraft for 2010

And the thing I didn't expect to find, egg cups, just like the one in the pattern, for my Easter Bunnies for the little kids.  I bought my pattern over at 'Little Cotton Rabbits'.  I love her knitted toys.  (Her Etsy shop is shut for the holidays but have a look at some of the knitted toys on her blog or go to her Flickr site.)   I have now completed the knitting for 5 rabbits just have to sew them together.  Hope they end up looking just like this.


Back from the beach

Christmas Day saw us head to the beach, problems was that is where the rain headed as well.


On Boxing Day we saddle up the station-wagon and head for the hills.  Well out to the Mary Valley and Kenilworth.   This is only a little town, population 300 but it has a great cheese factory, an old pub, a rodeo, a good camping ground, access to wonderful bush walking and The Lasting Impressions fine-art gallery.

It always amazes me that a tiny town like Kenilworth can have such a wonderful gallery.  One of the artists who's work is sold here is Greg Postle.  Now, this is not normally the kind of art that I like, it is photo realism and his subject is birds.   These birds are different.  You reach out your hand to stroke the soft down of their feathers and each bird is set in the most authentic environment.  Not only that the birds have a definite personality.

This is 'Ground Work' and is available as a limited edition print.  There are other more spectacular pieces but I love this one.


Also at this gallery were some glass pieces by Amanda Louden.  I really coveted these pieces.

IMG_2087 IMG_2088

But if I can raise the cash this is the one I would buy.  The way the light reflects through it is magical.


Now I have to start thinking about this weeks challenge.  Talking about magical pieces, Pam's piece for last week fits into this category.  Beautiful.




And so it is Christmas.


Now it the time for remembering the reason for Christmas, family and opening presents .

The Christmas party is over for another year.  (I'm being told to get off the computer and get into the cleaning up!)  But, I wanted to share some of photos from last night.  It is wonderful to have family and friends to share the occasions with.  That is a wonderful blessing that Christmas brings.  My prayer for everyone is that they will have the same blessings.


DSCF0016 DSCF0017 DSCF0019 DSCF0021

Merry Xmas 2009 and a Happy New Year


Christams Eve - 1 day

To night is the night of the Christmas Eve dinner.  I have 26 quests coming and have been preparing for weeks and I'm still rushing at the last moment.  I miss my daughter who is over there in the USA, no off -sider to help.  My son and his partner said they were coming but it's 2pm now and the guests arrive a 7pm and still no sign of anyone to help set up or help in the kitchen.

I have made a terrible mistake.  I saw this recipe over at  NOT QUITE NIGELLA and thought I would make it as gifts.  It is so yummy!!! I can't stop eating it. (Click on the title to take you to the recipe.)


My god son is in the cold in London my daughter in New York.  Here is a Christmas Carol for them and you.  Merry Christmas.

2 days - O.M.G.

I have finished my challenge for this week, I'm going away on Christmas day and won't have access to a computer or sewing machine or nothing.  So I had to be super organised.

My decorations for today were bought in York, England.  I really liked York and intend to return for a longer visit next time.  These were made in Scandinavia but I can now buy these little guys in my local gift shop, small world.


3 days - start panicing!

I have to get these needle cases finished in time for Christmas, and hand stitching is so slow.  Some of the designs are adapted from old DMC patterns and others I found at  This is a French site so if you want an English translation Google it first and click the translate this page. 

(You will get some interesting English!)  In the left hand side bar is a sewing symbol Atelier-BDgrille and the words "Point de croix : Gril...", this will get you to the free cross stitch charts.  I was looking for French themed gifts for my guests when I came upon this blog.


Here is another of my decorations that has to be replaced, the angel chimes.  The big problem with these is getting extra candles. And, a couple of my cute wooden ornaments. (That train needs some repairs.)

Angelchime_girl_lg DSCF0003 DSCF0014

4 days left

That means only four days to get the next challenge finished and start on the one after that!  

I bought these little nutcracker decorations in Wall-mart in Texas, USA.  They are only a couple of years old and in really good condition.

DSCF0004-1 DSCF0009-2

It is only Monday, isn't it?  I'm getting confused what day is what.  Today I did the ironing, thought about the next challenge, got my nails painted and thought about the next challenge and in thinking about the next challenge my mind wandered back 30 years ago when I was first married. 

We traveled to Europe where my new husband was doing training in Zurich with his employer at that time.  While he was locked up in Zurich I traveled in the UK and stayed with friends.  Then we took some time to see some of Europe together as newlyweds.  One of the places that is still vividly painted in my memory is Meersburg on Lake Constance in Germany.  It was whilst staying here that I saw an elephant foot umbrella stand.  I went looking on the net and found some more.  It is still as disturbing to see this today as it was 30 years ago.


5 days

It is raining.  Good soaking rain. Enough to get the leaf litter moving.  Not to good for my neighbours who had the wedding of their son's last night.  Hasn't rained for ages and then....

DSCF0009-1 DSCF0007-2

Here are three more of my Xmas decorations.  These came from Sweden and are getting the worst for wear.  In Sweden they are called "Tomten".  They bring the Christmas gifts.  Originally they were the house elf's or spirits that looked after the home, usually a farm house.  They weren't always nice and you didn't want to get on the wrong side of one of these.  In northern England they are called "Hob".  I think these must be the same elf's that J.K. Rowling (fantastic web site) used for her house elf Dobby in Harry Potter.  The only way you can get rid of the is to give them new clothes.

DSCF0018 DSCF0019 DSCF0020 

The Bollywood Elephant is up for week four of the challenge.  As I'm going away at Xmas I had better get started on week five.  (How time flys.)