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November 2009

Hand Embroidery Network

I was a bit sceptical about joining the Hand Embroidery Network but I did join, (it is a social ning website) and have just downloaded the first issue of their magazine which is terrific.  So much inspiration and information.


There are so many good articles in this on-line magazine but I really liked the one on the work of Sarah Whittle .  I have developed a liking for bugs in my old age.


An Embroidered Screen

At the Art Gallery they had an Embroidered Screen on display.  The fabric was linen, which had discoloured with age, and it was stitched with silk thread by an unknown embroiderer.  Very Art Deco.



Because of this challenge with Pam I am now looking at details and it was the small sections of the piece that I looked out.  Also, because the actual stitching was simple stitches it would be easy to reproduce.

IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041


It was a great day spent with friends Pam and Di at the Brisbane art gallery.   They are between exhibitions at the moment but we still managed to have fun.  Di was a little outclassed in the camera wars however.


And then they both turned on me!


Boy those girls can talk.


And that man sitting behind them was listening to every word and looks quite guilty about it too.


Some of my old favourities were up on the wall in the gallery.  I especially like "Washing Day" as it reminds me of my Grandmother's kitchen.  She had the laundry tubs in the kitchen where most days they were covered by a removable bench cover.  The first time I saw the cover removed and the copper in the corner I was amazed.  There are so many details in this painting that are the same as that room.


The water dragon

I made the acquaintance of a big male water dragon today.    He is shedding his skin and is a magnificent creature.


The problem was the angle of the light.  He kept seeing his reflection and thought it was another dragon.


This put him into attack mode.  His chest became red, his neck yellow and the aspect of his eye daunting.



Problem was neither one could ever win this battle.  If the dragons in the legends  looked like this I think I would have run a mile.




Thank God for friends!  I am in the middle of having a relapse of anxiety attacks.  Not as bad as when I was ill but still quiet distressing.  I freeze.  I slow everything down so that I can continue on and not be physically ill.  My friend Pam is up in Brisbane and we took a trip up to O'Rielly's.  Being isolated from our modern world in a wilderness helps heal more than just the body.

We spent most of our time interacting with nature and absorbing the beauty of the place.

IMG_0548 IMG_0914 IMG_0799 IMG_0630

When standing still in the forest and listening to my own breathing this little fellow poked his head of of this house to see what I was doing.



When I got home I was relaxed, able to eat and tired.  Then I got a phone call from work and I am nearly back where I was before.  I will have to take another day before I can return.  Still, only 17 days to go.

A long weekend

I have been hit with another infection so will be off work for a few days.  I just can not seem to get ahead with my health.  Pammy is up from SA so I am able to spend a bit more time with her but will not be able to do all the things I had planned.

Still, today is Saturday and we took a drive up to the Eumundi Markets and came home via the beach .  It was hot, humid, steamy and lots of people.  I am learning lots about my camera.




I took photos of my class room and some of the familiar thing that I take for granted.  The scissor board, the quilt on the wall, the sewing machines, the way the light comes into the room. The verandahs, the lunch areas under beautiful trees, the creek at the back of the school.

DSCF0027 DSCF0025 DSCF0023 DSCF0024 DSCF0020 DSCF0019 DSCF0001 DSCF0005

I have received a very attractive offer to stay on in an expanded role at my present school.  I have been cutting the ties that bind bit by bit, and now this.  I am going to take 3 months long service leave but do I come back for 6 months to trouble shoot in another curriculum area?   I am very flattered by the offer but will it be the best thing to do?  I am torn and will have to think about this one.

It happened

Well at home tonight we had a small fire in a light bulb so I hope that that is No 3.  We also had a small fire at school.  Maybe that was No 3, what ever it was I'm glad we got No 3 out of the way.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best so far.  My naughty grade 9 classes all got together on the first floor veranda and yelled a version of happy birthday.  In fact they yelled so loud that they disturbed the year 12 final exams and brought one of the Deputies out to tell them to be quiet.  Later one of them took himself into the Principals office to tell him it was my birthday.  So I got a visit from the Principal to give me birthday wishes as well.  I also got lots of cards and emails and a new long distance lens for my camera, flowers and my daughter made me a cake.  A great birthday.

I'm not allowed to put up photos of students but you can't see any faces here.  I have really loved being at this school.  God I'm going to miss those kids.  (This was the school cross country race as they walk the 3k to the starting line.)