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October 2009

No 23 Pin Cushion - with fabric designed by you

DSCF0004Working with disperse dyes is fun.  Just make sure you make them up using the manufacturers directions as they can sensitize some people.  When working with students I always make them up myself prior to the class and ALWAYS use a mask when doing this.  I only buy 50g amounts of the 3 primary colours, red, blue and yellow and then mix the other colours myself.  I have used about 20g of each colour with over 200 students.  Granted, we have only made small pieces but even so it goes a long way.  Each of those students would have painted an average of 3 A4 pieces of paper each, that is over a whole packet of photocopy paper.

                                Download No 23 Pin Cushion

Quilts used by Norystein

This animation is in two parts.  I love the folk tale but I was particularly taken with the fact that he has used quilting themes to frame the animation.  Not only that, but the themes used are clearly recognisable as coming from the Peoples of the great north of the USSR.

I noticed in the movie " Sharman" that the inside of the yurt showed a patchwork hanging on the wall along with a picture of Lenin.


I would love to use these themes in a quilt.  The colours and shapes would look wonderful.  This is part 1.  Part 2 will come tomorrow.

Some More Norshteyn

I ran out of download from my provider just 2 days from the end of the cycle so I have missed a couple of days of posting. 

Some more on Norshteyns work.   I'm not sure how this man captures the wonderful little mannerisms with his animations.  When you see the models he works with they fit into the palm of a hand yet he makes them behave in such lovable ways.  This little sequence wasn't popular with Russian audiences but I could watch it time and again. (  It ran in 2000 -2001.

I found an English translation for the song that is played with the animation.

Tired toys and books are sleeping
Blankets and pillows wait for children
Even the fairy tale goes to bed
So that we can dream it at night
Close your eyes, rock-a-bye

Rock-a-bye, all people must sleep at night
Rock-a-bye, tomorrow will be another day
We have gotten very tired today
So let us tell everyone "good night"
Close your eyes, rock-a-bye

I don't know if I like that messy bear or the beautiful cats the best?  I do know that those hats that the cats are wearing are going to be copied for my toy cats to wear.  So cute.

Animation and Quilting

The more I see of Yuriy Norshteyn's work the more I love it and I know I am not alone.  Every so often I come across mention of his work on some blog or other.  The latest was on a French blog Vick et pique et colle who has an image of a Toko Saito quilt celebrating the famous Hedgehog in the Fog animation.  You might not know Toko Saito by name but just think of all those taupe Japanese quilts and bogs on quilting and there will be some by Toko.

This is a image of the quilt taken from the French blog.  She also have a set of applique block of the hedgehog on this site as well .





Yoko has caught the essence of this little character if you look at the original Norshteyn drawing.  You haven't seen the animation?  It takes about 10 mins, so sit back and enjoy.  Life will never be the same again.



The new camera

I suppose this new camera needs a name.  My little point and shoot is called Niki and as this is a Canon 50D I think I will call it 'Dianne'.   Well Dianne and I went to a 'learn to use your camera' class yesterday.  A lot of it just went over my head I'm afraid but I did learn some good stuff so I have been snapping away.


One of the participants had the most interesting tats, ( he got snapped)


Another was very young but right into it.


And this morning I cleaned up my studio and now I can see my desk, (and so can you.)


Weird but beautiful

Now this is the work of Julia Deville.  I find it weird but I have to agree with my daughter that it does have a strange kind of beauty.  (Strange being the operative word for me.)  In her artists statement she says;

"My jewellery is inspired by the Memento Mori jewellery of the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries and Victorian Mourning Jewellery.  I find the acceptance of death in these periods fascinating."

I have a couple of pieces of this kind of jewellery from Victorian times, but this is different.  She makes jewellery combining gold and silversmithing with taxidermy - using animals that have died form natural causes. 


Wonky Chic

Painting onto fabric and then embroidering to embellish isn't new but here is another take on this process.

Pigcub Pigcub3 Pigcub5

This is the work of Karen Grenfell who also has a blog called Mimilove.  I just love these quirkly little pieces, although embroidery onto canvas must be tough on the fingers.   Her new pieces, which have sold out, are on fabric and would be a bit easier to work.


It was through a link on this blog that I happened upon the term "Wonky Chic".  This link led to 'Aardvark Tea Room and Gallery' , which I am adding to my list of must visit places when I am traveling in the UK again.  (I do like the descriptor, Wonky Chic.)

The old and the new

I had forgotten how much time simple stitching takes.  I am cross stitching needle cases as Christmas gifts and they seem to be taking forever.  Granted I have to fit the time in around work and home duties, but still I thought that I would have made more progress.

One of the best sources for inspiration for things from the past is  Bibliodyssey .  I find the links at the end of each article a treasure trove.  There are links to free online books, images and articles.  This is from an old German lace pattern book.


And then, for things modern,I stumbled upon Bascom Hogue's blog.  He has some really interesting embroidery and gives some insight into the life of Mennonite Brethren  today.