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No 4 Baby quilts and some exhibitions on in Brisbane

I am home with the flu, not the piggy variety I hope.  But then, I have so many students away with it I  don't like my chances.

DSCF0058 Dianna was working on this delicious quilt for her new granddaughter. DSCF0042
I will have to remember this one. (I don't expect that any of my children will produce grandchildren in the near future.)

Checking on what is on in the way of fibre related exhibitions at the moment, it looks as though this weekend is going to be a busy one.  (As long as this flu relents a little.)

Thumbnail_320 Floating Life: Contemporary Aboriginal Fibre Art is an exhibition I don't want to miss, even if I do have the flu.

There are also some interesting exhibitions on at the City Hall Museum.Left hand Tapa

Talking Tapa looks at the wonderful work of the women of the Pacific islands.  I have seen bits and pieces but this exhibition seems to cover a lot more.  I can see some of these works lending themselves to adaption for patchwork.There are also some wonderful resources on-line for teachers.

Left hand In Fashion The other exhibition at this location is 'In Fashion: Dressing up Brisbane'.  Clothing for special occasions from private collections and Fashion Designers.

I don't know how I would use this but I know of a couple of engineers who would drool.  It's how to build a book scanner.

No 3 Some people did so many quilts!

Barbara is one person who brought multiple quilts to work on.  She is deadly accurate and can just churn them out.  (I'm really not jealous.)  I think it was three different quilt tops she was working on.

An Amy Butler print, which I think my kids would love.


A heart quilt, which she is helping one of our members, Betty, who is ill, finish.


And a bricks and blocks quilt top in blue and orange.  (I didn't get a photo of this one.)

No 2 We have two accredited teachers in our group

Our little group only numbers 20 but in the group we have 2 accredited teachers with Queensland Quilters Inc.
Angela Langdon     and     Jean Green.

DSCF0053 DSCF0063

Both offer great classes and you can see details at the Queensland Quilters web site.

Jean taught one of her classes to a some of the group at the retreat.  Crazy Squares
A one day workshop using 12 fat quarters, a high light shade and matching fabric for the border to make a quick queen sized quilt highlighting the quilt as you go technique.

DSCF0042 DSCF0043

Some of the different colour combinations chosen gave an entirely different look to this quilt.

DSCF0056 Carol used these Kaffe Fasset prints which were just stunning. 


The quilts

Being with others who love textiles is a great way to get a cross fertilization of ideas.  So here is what I learnt this weekend.

No 1:  How to use explorer squares
(These are pieces of fabric, usually no more than 12" square that friends bring back from their travels.)

DSCF0053 Angela came with a fantastic idea.  She cut all her pieces into 6" squares (cut) and then added a shashing of black fabric which was 1 1/2" cut.  These were then arranged into lines of :
line 1 - 11 blocks
line 2 - 10 blocks with a 1/2 block on either end
this was repeated ending with a line of 11 blocks.
Great way to use up all those pieces.


Quilting Retreat

I managed to get to the retreat about 9.30am on Saturday morning.  Cold, fresh, crisp up there on the mountain but then the weather warmed up.  I shouldn't be complaining.  The first few times we went to Mapelton we had an open fire but that has been replaced by a gas fire.  Just as warm but easier to clean, however, there is some thing about an open fire.

This centre is run by the Baptist church and is a great venue.  All meals are provided and it is quite an adventure to sleep in a bunkhouse.

DSCF0066 DSCF0068 DSCF0069 DSCF0083

The centre is set in parks and gardens but it is the bush walk that I find quietens my soul.  I descend down the path into the rain forest and the trees close out the rest of the world.  The only sounds are those of the birds calling to each other and the voice of the stream as it complains about fall onto the rocks.  It is only a small section of bush but it is like escaping into a quite room away from a noisy party.  I must say this was a very productive party lots of patchworking completed, friendships nurtured and laughter shared.

DSCF0073 DSCF0074 DSCF0075 DSCF0077 DSCF0082 DSCF0084 


I should have been up at Mapleton with the girls at the retreat tonight but I had to get the challenge finished before I could leave so it's going to be a very early start in the morning.  I just couldn't think of what I wanted to do or what fabrics to use.  Then I just had to 'bite the bullet' and dive in.  I'm quite pleased with the result.


I do need to get a better camera though.  That will be next weekend.  I got my tax refund this week so now I can afford an SLR.

It's Friday

I have a meeting a 9am this morning so don't have to leave the house until 8:15am.  That's like being on holidays.  I usually have to be out of the house by 6:45am to get to work.  Having all this spare time on my hands I took Charlie and Chester for a short walk, just around a couple of blocks.  I wanted to check when the Vet was open so that  I could take them for a hydro-bath.  The vet is only 5 mins walk away and I always check the other shops  in this block. 

There are only 5 but they always have great things.  One where I get lots of inspiration is 'Spiro and Black'.  Anna has a great blog called Absolutely Beautiful Things.  Even Martha Stewart thinks this blog is good.


I think that I will have to make a blue and white quilt after seeing this one and oh these cushions!  They look decadent.  They are by Fashions designer Alice Temperley.

Countrylivingmag3 Alice Temperley for the rug company

In the pink

My new pink knitting/handbag has arrived and it is very pink, in a nice way.  The design is called Zuma and just think of all the junk that I will be able to fit in here, and because it opens so wide I should be able to find what I want.  (Well that's the plan.)

DSCF0009 DSCF0010

Today my Hospitality class have been icing cup cakes.  We used a basic recipe.

60g butter and 1/3rd cup of caster sugar creamed
1 beaten egg (put away the beaters)
Fold in 1 cup of sifted Self Raising Flour (divided into 1/3rds)
1/4 cup of milk to which has been added 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.
The flour and milk are added alternately, flour, milk, flour, milk, flour.
Spoon into cupcake papers and cook for 15 mins in a moderate oven.

The icing was a bit of a challenge.  I told them, "just a little milk to blend"  but three packets of icing sugar later we got the right consistency.  Not bad for their first try at piping icing though.

The butter icing recipe is;
125g butter
2 cups of sifted icing sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
a little milk to blend.

I have been interested in the  work of the Ackworth School Girl Samplers ever since I first came across the book of their work and then followed this up with visits to Quaker meeting halls in the north of England.   (Incidentally, the school still operates.  Have a look at their web site.)


I then came across the Needleprint blog  .  Oh dear!  There is just so much there.  Like this image of Quaker motives.


They have a free download section plus some wonderful pattern books for reasonable prices.  I see that there are people all over the world stitching the samplers.  If you want to stitch along there is a link to the head girl here in Australia,  or just click on your national flag on the web page and you will go to the head girl in your own country.  (As if I didn't have enough to do?  But I can't pass this one by.)

No 20 Felt Needle Case

DSCF0004  Oh boy!  I never thought I would get this one finished.  I have made at least 20 of these needle cases but always stitching them by hand.  Getting the stitch right on the machine was a challenge.  I like the hand stitched ones the best but this will be a good exercise for beginners on the sewing machine.  Either way they make a great gift.
Download No 20 Felt Needle Case