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June 2008

Trip to Ipswich

We all (Maberley Quilters) hoped on a bus last Saturday and went to Ipswich , which is about 30 kilometres West of Brisbane.  This is the original city of Queensland as Brisbane was a penal colony and settlers were not allowed in until the 1850's.  It has been a mining town, Industrial centre and where the workers lived.  For many years it was seen as an undesirable destination but that has all changed.  It is now the most livable mid sized city in the world.

It was a great day.  I spent far to much money but the shops turned out to be a treasure trove.


I was especially taken  by a plaque in Queens Park in memory of Lionesses who had past away "servicing the community".  The mind boggles.

How thin?

The saga of my transfer continues.  I have been moved to another school who can't tell me what I will be teaching so I will be able to do no preparation on the holidays, which start tonight. Hooray!  So I can think about me instead.

My new years resolution was to lose weight, I haven't.  I was looking at my wedding photos, I was 29 years old and weighed 45 kilos or around 7 1/2  stone.  I didn't look skinny, but I think I was.  I would love to be this weight again, I would even settle for anything from 55 to 65 kilos.  I think it is just a dream.


I designed and made my dress, it was a very classic style that I think could be worn today.  I didn't want a veil and had a wreath of small roses for a head dress.  My long hair was rolled into a Edwardian style, so even that doesn't look dated.  That day just sped by and I look so happy.

Another day down

Well, the saga of which school I am to be moved to continues.  I rang someone I know at the school I am rumoured to be being moved to and she told me they knew this a week ago!  To bad no one told me.  When I asked what classes I might get I was told Math, English and Food Studies.  My specialty is Textiles.  I am finding this whole thing very depressing.  I have years of work ahead of me and by the look of it non of my talents are going to be used.

Talking of talent I came across the work of a young artist, Dan- Ah Kim, from Korea I think.  I really like her/his work and think that it would translate into quilts.


The way she mixes media  is really interesting.

Nearly June Holidays

It is nearly the mid year winter break, just 3 days to go!!  I still don't know if I'm moving schools or not but there is so much to finish, just in case I'm moved. 

At the same time I'm thinking about what I will do on my 2 weeks away.  Definitely not lesson preparation, not after all the pain this moving thing has caused.  No, I think I will do lots of things just for me.
So here is the list.

Get my car serviced
Experiments with shopping bag fusing.  I have seen a good tutorial at the etsylab .
Start my stitch along for stitchin fingers .
Make some clothes
Start my 2007 sampler
Go to the stitching group at the Embroiderers Guild .
Have lunch with friends.
Have lunch with my daughter.
Finish my graffiti Quilt.
Take Charlie for walks, maybe Chopper will come as well.


Oh dear another holidays with lots of plans and not enough time.


I have been searching for resources for another unit of work I'm writing, or rather updating one that I have written, which is a study of child development.  Anyway, surfing the Ewaves again I found this Ezine , and it's free.  At first I couldn't work out where it was produced because it is so 'global'.  But, it is Australian.

There are three issue available, so check it out.


A set back.

I have had a major set back in my recovery this last week.  Here I have been congratulating myself on how well I have done and that bad fairy arrived and knocked the rug out from underneath me.

My return to work has been hard work, not the teaching but my response to emotional challenges.  I now have my difficult students under control and even have them liking and respecting me.  I have built a really good relationship with other members of staff and have become excited about next semester.  I have put in a lot of work planning and writing new units of work and then on Friday the telephone call came, "we are moving you to another school".  I now have to start all over again.

That black dog, depression, has hit hard.

But there have been two little rays of sunshine that  shine through.   My puppy  Charlotte, who somehow knows that things aren't quite right  and stays with me all the time.


And my beautiful daughter Laura.  "This is for you Mum", she says, and kisses and hugs me.


The wierd and the wonderful

I still haven't been able to embed a video in this blog, I think it is because it is a set template.  I wish I could because I have come across two of the neatest vids in the last couple of days.  The first is at Jeff likes buildings , in fact there are a couple here.  But, the one I like  is titled Grafitti animation. It is really wonderful, if weird.

And the other is on one of my favourites, Threadbanger .  Who would have thought that anyone could make living jewel decorations out of cockroaches?

A change in the weather

Well the cold has arrived.  It is fine and clear but cold.  I have put the air conditioning on the reverse cycle to warm the house up but I think I will have to shut the doors to keep the warm in.

I have completed another task off my list which was to do my add-a-line for the quilting group.


Added to the two other lines it is looking rather good.  It will be interesting to see all the quilts finished.


I was looking back over some of my posts from last year a realised I had never posted a picture of my favourite hand bag.  I saw someone with a bag like it at a conference in London and finally tracked it down in France.  I just love it.