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I thought I would do a "Queenie"

I have been looking at Queenie's cards for some time thinking, "Gee that's a great idea."   So when I was looking for something else I came across some trial designs I had stitched and immediately thought, "a card".  Small problem.  I didn't have a card with the right sized window so I had to cut a larger window in a card I already had, not very well. ( I think that I will glue a border around the edge to hide the cut and frame the embroidery and also buy some cards with larger windows.)  I stitched this using a silk thread and stem stitch, all stitched in one direction.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 7.06.16 am

I want to stitch some Xmas cards this year and that smaller window will keep the designs smaller, not like this one.  I have also been ruminating about how to make embroidery cards for little kids.  I started my grand daughters on laced cards and that was great but there needed to be another step between that and stitching on aida cloth.  Then I came across a scrap booking site by Jennifer Mc Guire Ink where she has a whole section on stitching on cards.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 6.54.36 am

In this post she has a link to a very detailed video she has posted to You Tube, 38 minutes of detail.  A lot to think about here.


What to do?

I'm sick of reading , watching, TV & DVD's.  Charlie has come home and kicked me out of my own bed!

But I can now waste time on the internet, finding interesting sites and exscaping from reality.  Put escaping pain in there somewhere.  The painkillers they gave me to ease the pain work but my heart doesn't like them so I need to be distracted from it as I have ditched the tablets.

But for now I am sailing away on my voyage of discovery.  First stop is Maude White a paper carver extrordinaire from New York.  Such skill and artistry.

Here is a short video of some of her work.



Murphy's Law

Wouldn't you know?

I have just donated all my rick rack braid, which I must have had for over 30 years, to the Embroiderers' Guilds sale table and I find this tutorial.


It is from Bernina, but I'm sure the same technique could be used on any machine that has this fancy stitch. Here it is used as an insertion but I can see it making a great edging on place mats and table runners.  What about around the hem of little girls dresses?  I will have to go in an buy back some of my donation.


With all the fuss and bother of the storm I have overlooked the fact that Advent is 7 days into the season.  The fuss and bother continues as storms move in again and we find the the hail has opened a hole on the roof and knocked holes in the new down pipes.  I see that all the new paint work around the windows is chipped as well.  Only 5 days to go and this will all be over for us and just starting for the new owners.  One thing it does show is that we were right in selling as the upkeep of this big house is just too much for us now. 

We have another little complication to add to the mix.  My daughter and her partner will be arriving the day we move.  Looks like we will have another couple of pairs of hands to help with the moving  and extra people in the house until they find somewhere to live.  Good thing I kept those extra beds.


Back to Advent.  I only realised it was Advent when my Drop Designs Christmas Calender arrived on my computer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 6.16.14 am

I so look forward to opening a new pattern everyday.  They also have a Christmas Workshop site as well.  Here you can indulge every knitting and crochet whim you have ever had for making things for Christmas.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 6.13.56 am

I thought that I would start with a house elf for each of my grand daughters.  They are so excited to see their Xmas tree up with all the decorations.  This will be a Christmas with a difference.

Deep in the depths

I am still swimming underwater with all the computer work I have to get finished.  All I can think about is how decipher other peoples notes that look like hieroglyphics and try to unravel the intricacies of Word 8.   Every so often I come up for air and surf the web.  (I mustn't move from this seat or I might get distracted or even attempt some stitching.)

On one of my excursions I found this great tutorial for a wide open pencil case (but it could be any wide open case) at Craft Passion.

I am already thinking of ways I might make the construction easier and adapt it to be a stitchers bag.

Easter Presents

This year for the gifts for my Patchwork group I took my own advice and made the cord cuffs that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  

It took a day to make 23 of them and I didn't have very many breaks.  In fact I had a stiff neck and sore eyes from concentrating on the task.  I had only one day to make them in because I had forgotten that this was the last meeting before Easter, that very evening.


When any member of the group travels we always bring back a square of fabric, about 8" (20cm), for each member of the group. My group does a lot of travelling and I have a big bundle of squares.  I used these for the cord cuffs so that everyone would be different but I don't seem to have made any impression on the pile of squares.


When I gave them out the most previlant comment was "I could use 4 of these".  So I think that my friends will be making more for themselves. For myself I need to have labels on each one so that I know what cord belongs to what device or piece of equipment.  At the moment I have a container full of cord that I am not sure what is for which.


Most of the power points have been disconnected to much of the house and I have only two in this room.  On these two points I have to run :

  • 2 sewing machines
  • 1 overlocker
  • 2 lamps
  • 3 printers
  • 3 computers
  • 3 external hard drives
  • 2 camera leads


all the recharge cords and things like my data projector and laptop, ipad etc.  (My husband, the engineer, assures me all these appliances will not over-load the system.)


So I was very interested when I chanced upon this tutorial for cord keepers.  (The 1" test piece is good.)

I have so many cords that I don't know which is what so I need to write the name of each one on the keeper. I quickly ran up this one for the ipad and it works fine. (I could have embroidered this name by hand or by machine but as I wanted a quick fix I used a fabric marker pen.) 


Then I tried it on the cord for the overlocker and found it a bit snug.  I think I will add another 1" (3cm) to the length of the pattern for this one.


These are great for using up your left over pieces of fabric.  I might even make some for my friends.