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I have started to restitch the October Peace embroidery.  Hopefully the stitching will be straightforward with no problems.  This photo isn't the best I'm afraid.  I took it on my phone.  It is just too much trouble to get the big camera unpacked.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 8.54.05 pmI am stitching this in one strand of DMC stranded cotton.  I must say that I am really enjoying stitching it and am not sure why.  With this finished I still have another 2 to designs to stitch before the end of the year to reach my goal.  Hope I make it.

And if you don't subscribe to Jacob over at "Modern Folk Embroidery"  he is putting up some free cross stitch patterns and other tips to celebrate Xmas.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 6.44.23 am



January 2018 Children's Embroidery Class

Well here it is. The first of the Queensland themed designs to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Embroiderers' Guild of Queensland Inc., "We have Pineapples".   The designs go from easy to difficult.  I started with the difficult for our more advanced stitcher's.  I have 3 designs that are interchangeable for either item.

  Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.36.52 pm

Putting the purses together is not difficult, but, it is fiderly.  I think this deserves a little tutorial of it's own in the future.  I have made a couple of changes to make it a bit easier.  Like changing the lining to just an iron on stiffener rather than a padded interfacing and stitching the frame in place with quilting thread rather than the clear nylon one recommended.   I think I will experiment with perle thread for this as well.  It might work and then again it might not.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.37.04 pm
 The simpler design just has a zipper closing.  When I say simpler, it could be quite detailed if all those seams were finished with embroidery.  I have a feeling that this will be the one that the kids like the best, but we will see.   But the best news is that not only have I finished the samples I have also completed all the kits, bar 2.  I ran out of wadding.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 4.39.56 pm











My stress levels are through the roof.  The only way to deal with this is put on my headphones, get some cross stitch project and stitch.  So I have been doing more of that than working on class samples.  These will be pin cushions for the Guild Xmas sale table.  I am stitching them in wool thread from "Modern Folk Embroidery".  Just heaven to stitch with and his charts are so easy to read.

But just now the stress levels have dropped a bit.  I just got an Email to say although some of my paperwork has not arrived they will print it out when I arrive in the USA.  Now I just have to return the beds I bought that came in King size not Queen and are now reduced by $150 each.  I think I will put the headphones on again and stitch.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.23.35 am

I must say I have been having fun with some of these drawings.  Not sure how they will translate into stitches though.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.36.21 am





Time to panic

I had a lovely few days away.  The weather was cool and the company good. The mornings were foggy,

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.54.52 am

and the clouds as they rose over the escarpment, memorable.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.55.03 am

In the evenings the skys were the most amazing colours as the sun set over the western downs.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.55.58 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.55.33 am

 I was introduced to another woman who is travelling to Houston for the festival and she said,

"Oh yes, I leave in under two weeks".

  I thought,

"She must be going early." 

Now I have looked at the calendar, it is less than 2 weeks before I leave.   It is all shaping up to be a disaster.  My paper work and tickets have been sent to Boston for Guatamala, (I live in Australia.)   No paper work has arrived for my classes at the festival.  I have an email confirmation which says I have to have the paper work for the classes, the email is not good enough.  But they have deducted the payment for the classes from my account so I am hopeful that this might still work out.  I think I need to make some international phone calls and I am not good on the telephone because I have a hearing problem.  I must transfer money into another account just in case the other credit cards don't work.  (My husband has given me another 3 credit cards on top of the 3 I already have.) Stress, Stress, Stress.

 I need to get the samples finished for next years classes and they are not going well.  The drawing are great, the stitching isn't bad but I have chosen the wrong colours for one piece and will have to start again.  That is the one that needs to be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.23.07 am

 The furniture is still being delivered for the city town house and I need to buy a dining room set and my daughter keeps suggesting very expensive ones.  The washing machine has just broken down and as I have had it for some time I think we will have to get a new one.  No one delivers to the island so that means carriers and stress.

 On the upside I do have a new suitcase and I have got all my clothes organised.  I have cleaned out my wardrobe and the back of my car is loaded with donations for the charity bin.  My new ipad is packed ready and my camera is working well.  (Got to find that passport.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.56.20 am

I finish a dummy run on the crocheted bunny, very cute.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.56.42 am

Look at that fat tummy, and I love the tail.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 6.56.31 am

(I still need to make clothes for the girls bunnies.)  I used left over yarn from the shawl.  Lots of adjustments to make and the next ones will be white rabbits.  Of course the only crochet hook I don't have is a size 3, the one I need for this wool.

  Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.23.20 am

I think it is time to make lists and start to find some control in all this mess.



I am trying to get ahead with my samples for classes I will teach in 2018, with the Children's Projects top of my list.  I completed the first sample and the older children would handle this with no problem but I'm not sure about the little ones.  I am going to look at how I can do this kind of theme in cross stitch, which might be easier.  (This will be made into a pocket to go onto a small pin cushion where you can keep a pair of scissors and maybe some other tools.)

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.02.37 pm

Because 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Embroiderers' Guild in Queensland I want all the projects to link into this in some way.

The next project will be a small purse and here I have drawn a tropical theme of pineapples, palm leaves and another tropical plant leaf.  I want to introduce the students to the use of other threads to achieve texture.  So far so good but I will have to stitch fast as I used a fading pen.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.02.22 pm



The children's class is progressing well with still another day to go.  We will see just what they will come up with for the backs of their bags.  But one really nice thing is that one of our past students has joined us to train as a tutor for the classes.  She is now at University and it is great to see another generation coming through.  (This is a warm fuzzy.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 8.58.37 pm

I am working on designing my Children's Classes for 2018.  At the moment this first design is giving me grief.  I want to use the bundle of Aida fabric that I have in stock but my drawing program only draws between the lines not on them.  I have a horrible feeling that I am going to have to draw this all by hand. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 9.03.05 pm


The big work in progress has been finding and purchasing a town house in St. Lucia which is close to the city and the University.  My expectations regarding price were not realistic and after weeks of viewing town houses and apartments I came to the conclusion that I would have to spend more money.  Even then I kept getting beaten by other contenders to the property that I would have liked to have purchase.  But now, with a bit more money on the table, I have finally bought a town house, which my daughter will live in whilst she is completing her Phd. and I will be able to use when I need to stay in town.   Now perhaps I can get back to siitching.

To keep my mind relaxed I have been working on Kogin designs for my Xmas cards.  This design is stitched on a Lugano 28 count fabric.  The Xmas tree is DMC white stranded cotton and the rest of the design is stitched in 2 strands of silk thread.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.20.16 pm

I have taken quite a few liberties with this design but I think it works.



I was just going to finish the letters this week BUT got carried away and finished the whole embroidery to avoid that cleaning.   So here is September's piece finished at the beginning of the month well in advance.


I used 2 strands of silk thread for the letters and the sprig of leaves and one stand of the same thread do do the blanket stitch around the applique.


The sprig  of leaves were stitched in fly stitch and the stem in checkerboard stitch and then I added a few seed beads just because I could.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 8.48.11 am

Then on my walk I saw these wild flowers that had escaped into the bush so picked a few because I loved the colour.  It must be my age I never liked purple/pink before, now I love it.







I think I am procrastinating.  Any thing to put off facing cleaning out this room.  I managed to get the pencil marks out of old Bruno and after doing that realised that of the 20 or 30 red work embroideries I have completed I have given them all away, barring old Bruno.  So, he is a keeper.  A reminder of how I can become obsessed about things. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.03.49 pm

I didn't have the right materials on hand to make the straps so I used what I did have.  These were too light in weight so I sewed the lengths together to overcome this problem.  I rushed to make the back panel yesterday, again, anything to put off the cleaning, and today I cross hatched it with a bit of quilting.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.03.37 pm

I used a synthetic fabric for the lining.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.03.25 pm

I still had plenty of time to clean so I stitched another card.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.04.00 pm

Then I got a text from my niece telling me that my grand-nephew Leon, who is turning 7 soon, liked his quilt.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 10.23.00 am

Next I will do my Spanish lesson and then I will clean.


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has begun.  It has to be done but it isn't some thing I look forward to.   I don't know why but everything seems to get into a worse mess than when I began.


I have set aside another 2 days this week to get through this lot.  It might take longer.  I keep finding old treasures and sit and spend time thinking about that piece.


Then I find things like this old piece of red work embroidery.  The design is by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly, who has been ill for a while now but you can still buy her patterns and there are a number of free downloads on her google + page.


Looking at this piece I remember why it is still hanging around.  I drew the design on my fabric in pencil and it is still very obvious.  Before I saw this I rushed and made a back for a bag.  I am going to try and get those pencil marks out and see if I can't make a bag with it.  I know Red Work isn't fashionable any more but I do enjoy stitching it.

So, progress to date.  All those messy draws are now tidy and I know just what fabrics I have.



The draws in the cupboard are sorted but I have to get everything out of the rest of the cupboard.  The bookcase and the desks will come after that.  I hope 2 more days will be enough?  There isn't anything much in the garbage or put aside to donate to charity.  I might have to go back and do this again.