The weather is beautiful and I have taken some flowers from the garden to put around the house.

Some Grevillea for the breakfast table.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.07.05 pm

And I just love this maidenhair fern against the pinks of the Asaleas which are on the window sill in the kitchen.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 3.07.16 pm

I was sent home from babysitting as  my daughter- in-law and the girls have come down with a terrible vomiting wog.  My poor husband is playing nurse until my son returns from Sydney.  I don't think I could cope with another virus.


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You've certainly had enough for anyone!


Oh no ......Here's a doctor recommended drink for when the tummy is upset 😊
Juice some fresh Oranges and Lemons , use it like cordial syrup with lemonade and add some glucose powder.
Hope they are all better soon and you weren't there long enough to pick it up too.

Carolyn Foley

I haven’t got it yet but my husband has. Thanks for the tip.

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