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Starting the portraits


This is my 2018 sample for my 'Exploring more stitches' Class.

There are 28 different stitches in this piece, which isn't bad for such a small space.  I have used a variety of threads that represent thin, medium and thick varieties and tried to organise my colours around a light medium and dark pallete. 


This class will be in August this year at the Queensland Embroiderers Guild.  It isn't difficult to stitch and could be finished in under a week.  I hope the participants like it.

Next I would like to attempt a design that will require a lot more technical control but I also have an idea for some portraits.  Well I can work on both I suppose? 


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I'm sure you can. i'm rather intrigued by the portraits..

Carin saga

A GREAT sampler! Oh, how fun it will be for the children to stitch this!

Carolyn Foley

The portraits have been fermenting for a few years now.  It is time to bite the bullet.

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