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Monday blues

It is wet and cold.  I have three dogs to look after, all wanting my attention now!

I amongst all this I spied some early wattle shinning in the wet grey bush.  It brightens the kitchen and my mood.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 7.32.56 am

I should have moved up to the apartment on the week end but too many dogs.  Instead I will stay at my son's house over night, leaving the dogs there for the day.  Then come back and pick them up at night and go to the apartment for the rest of the week.

I have 'one of those' neighbours there.  Complaining all the time , knocking on the front door, stopping me in the yard or on the drive to complain.  This time it was a noise complaint about the TV.  I had shut all the windows and doors, checked with the guests who were staying over that it wasn't loud.  Still he was banging on the door.  My solution, a pair of wifi ear phones for me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 7.48.40 am

and some ear plugs for him.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 7.50.03 am


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Carin saga

If your neighbour is suffering from Complaint Syndrome he will soon have another reason to come knocking on your door.
Lovely flowers in your vase.


How tiresome for you! I hope the solution works!

Carolyn Foley

Unfortuneately he wasnt there for me to try!!!

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