A long trip

Hot Weather

The temperature keeps rising here.  It has been cool for a little but the heat is back with a vengance.  So we took off for the air-conditioned comfort of the movies.

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The movie of choice was "The greatest showman".

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The written reviews were not startling but 'word of mouth' reviews from friends have been positive, besides I didn't feel like watching anything deep and meaningful.

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Well how did it go?  Firstly, it was a musical, I missed that.  Secondly, it wasn't a great movie but it was a very enjoyable one.  Thirdly, the dancing was fantastic. 

Would I see it again?  Yes.


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Our nieces both loved it and told me I must watch it!

Carolyn Foley

It is enjoyable and the music is modern and the dancing fantastic. But I think it is all fantasy.

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