Today is the day- I hope

Yes I'm off on another adventure.  The bag is packed and I hope to be away for the next 4 weeks, that is what I have booked for but who knows what will eventuate.  I have a friend who went to India and came back the next day!  Something was wrong with her visa.  My visa waver from the USA is still pending.  They said to expect it within the next 72 hours but I will be on tender hooks until it comes through.  I may have to spend a little more time in NZ than I planned. I intend to just take it as it comes but I must admit to panicing.


I am not sure how I will go with this blog.  It may go into hybernation during this time or I may not get away at all and it will just continue.  Internet charges at hotels could feed a family for a year and from what I have read there isn't much internet reception in South America, or not where I am going.  When I get back I hope to have enough material to keep posting for the rest of the year.

See you, maybe sooner than I planned.

Postscript:  My Authorization has been approved just hours before I leave



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Mary O'Neill

Safe travels Carolyn! So glad the Visa has arrived. Enjoy😊

Carolyn Foley

I am so glad it all came through. Bill has been ill, I had an emergency operation, buying and furnishing the new unit, and although I had submitted the paper work I forgot to check until the last minute.


Have a good trip, a safe adventure and blog when you can.

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