Spring is upon us

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has begun.  It has to be done but it isn't some thing I look forward to.   I don't know why but everything seems to get into a worse mess than when I began.


I have set aside another 2 days this week to get through this lot.  It might take longer.  I keep finding old treasures and sit and spend time thinking about that piece.


Then I find things like this old piece of red work embroidery.  The design is by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly, who has been ill for a while now but you can still buy her patterns and there are a number of free downloads on her google + page.


Looking at this piece I remember why it is still hanging around.  I drew the design on my fabric in pencil and it is still very obvious.  Before I saw this I rushed and made a back for a bag.  I am going to try and get those pencil marks out and see if I can't make a bag with it.  I know Red Work isn't fashionable any more but I do enjoy stitching it.

So, progress to date.  All those messy draws are now tidy and I know just what fabrics I have.



The draws in the cupboard are sorted but I have to get everything out of the rest of the cupboard.  The bookcase and the desks will come after that.  I hope 2 more days will be enough?  There isn't anything much in the garbage or put aside to donate to charity.  I might have to go back and do this again.


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It is certainly distracting when everything you find has a story behind it!

Carolyn Foley

And some of those stories are good some not so good.

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