Peace Embroidery No 5 May 2017

Some new furniture.

Years ago I asked my husband to make me a cutting table that would have swing out wings on either side and pack down quiet small.  He bought the wood cut it out and there it has sat.  Then last week I saw an add in the Aldi catalogue for the table.  So while I was away I sent him into the lion's den to buy one for me.  The store had 15 in stock and they all sold within 10 mins, and one is now mine, and covered in junk already.  I love it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 8.14.57 pm

What is that big red thing you might ask.  Well that is my new leather hand bag and I think it is catcus. 

It is storming here with heavy rain.  Coming home on the ferry I said I would go and get the car.  My dear husband rushed away and left me so I wouldn't get the car for him BUT didn't come back for me.  I walked the 1k home in the pouring rain with the dog on the lead.  Both she and I are nearly blind in the dark so we walked through lots of water that we couldn't see.    She and I were very wet.  So was my embroidery, my knitting, my shoes, clothes and my new handbag.  I lost it when we got home and he really got the rough edge of my tongue.  He still can't see why I was upset.  Men!!!



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I hope you are dry again now!

Carolyn Foley

Yes I am but I have bought a barge ticket for the car so this will not happen again.

'Swinged' tables are so useful, and can transform a narrow table pushed against the wall to a huge island in the middle of the room.

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