The mind is willing but the body....
War Quilts


Well, it isn't finished.  My fall put paid to that.  I can't keep my eyes focused for more than 15 minutes so I haven't done a lot of work.  Maybe it will be finished next week?  There is something about this piece, I think it just wants to keep my attention for itself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.48.33 pm


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Lesley Olivieri

Afternoon Caroline, do you think you should have seen a doctor to rule out a slow bleed.
Specially seeing you were ? unconscious for unknown time and eyesight seems to be affected. Sorry to interfere but you can't be too careful especially if other problems they do add up.
Regards Lesley Olivieri

Carolyn Foley

Thanks Leslie. I have to go in for my Vit B shot next week so I will check again with him then. But I have to say I am starting to see straight again.


It's exactly the type of design to give you crossed eyes! Take it easy!

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