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When I posted the pattern for Laura's Cowl I had a comment that some people can only manage plain & purl stitch.  This was me a few years ago.  I just wasn't too good reading patterns until I managed to work out how to read charts.  But I thought maybe it would be fun to design a cowl using only these stitches.  After working out the math I came up with the "Purl & Plain Cowl". 

Download Plain & Purl Cowl


It works on the principle that if you add an extra stitch  to a number of stitches that can be divided equally you would get a spiral pattern.  In this case I came up with a simple pattern of knit 5 purl 2.  I knew that a good cowl size was around 120 to 125 stitches in 8ply or DK wool.  This led me to cast on 127 which worked well.

IMG_0152  FullSizeRender  IMG_2697

I keep saying how I like Bendigo Woollen Mills wool.  With just the one 200g of wool I was able to make the beret, Laura's Cowl and 3/4 of this cowl.  All for just $11 AU.  That is really good value and the qualilty of the wool is first class.


The other problem I solved was how to keep my knitting materials and equipment together  and neat.  Now this might sound silly but I had bought a couple of plastic fabric containers from IKEA.  I was going to use them as rubbish bins when I sewed.  I put 2 x 200g balls of wool plus my needles and pattern into one of them, just to keep them all in one place and then being lazy just took my knitting out.  This little bag works wonders as a wool feeder.  No longer am I chasing my wool all over the floor and then I just put my knitting on top when I stop.  I have tried so many containers etc to hold my knitting and feed the wool but this is just so good.  I think I will try to make a fabric version of this.


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Sometimes the simplest solutions work so well, don't they!

Carolyn Foley

They sure do.

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