A whole bundle of books
A tool I din't think would be useful.

A new cowl for my daughter

Sometimes I wonder why I knit for members of my family at all?  Non of them seem to take care of the items that I spend so much time constructing, let alone consider the amount of money I spend on good materials.  But they keep asking for more.

Laura's new cowl is a good illustration of what I mean.  I spent a lot of time and effort making her a hat and cowl.  She really liked them.  Took them into the bush on an expedition and then lent them to a some one, who hadn't brought enough warm clothing.  This person then lost them or forgot to pick them up when they moved on.  Now there was a request for a replacement but could I make one "with no holes in the pattern?"  In other words not use a lace pattern.  


This is the result.  It isn't as pretty as a lace cowl but it will be warm.  I made it in an 8ply wool called "Rustic" from the Bendigo Woollen Mills.  (The best quality wool at the best price bar non in the whole world.)  I'm sure it would work in any 8ply (double knitting) and as it doesn't need to fit like a cardigan or hat the gauge isn't really critical.


I have written out the pattern as a free download.   Download Laura's Cowl

N.B.  The method I used to cast on was to make the stitches by knitting between the stitches.


This gives a nice solid edge.  I replicated this at the cast off end by knitting into the back of the stitch .



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Lesley Olivieri

Hi Caroline,
I am impressed with Laura's Cowl but only a plain knitter so could I just change the even rows with purl. You can see that I am an idiot when it comes to knitting.
My neck is suffering from the cold and it must be an aging thing I think. I certainly can do the casting on and off as my mother always did all the ribs that way.
I have enjoyed Donna Leon's books so far and my husband has been reading them as well. I don't think our library has 24 books.
Thanks Lesley


This is why I rarely embroider things for people, unless to commission, when I make sure I charge enough for them to take it seriously!

Carolyn Foley

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the kind comments. If you are knitting in the round you could replace the pattern with 3 purl rows, 3 plain rows. I like that idea so will knit up a sample. You wouldn’t get that nice peaked effect on the edge though. I have only been knitting on circular needles for a few years but I am a complete convert to them. You get a better tension and you don’t have to sew anything together, which is the best bit.
Glad you like the books.

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