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This could be my grand daughter!!

Threads- Pacific quilts (cloth)

There is a smallish exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art called "Threads, Contemporary Textiles and the Social Fabric." I live in the Asia Pacific region and these works are just a smattering from our neighbours.

These quilts were hung high in the gallery, rather like flags.  Against the almost austere walls of the room they also looked like bright textile banners.  Most are made from cheap fabrics, all that was available to the makers They have a distictive style that draws on the weaving and platting paterns that were used traditionally in the Pacific Islands.

  Tapaera Williams,  Around the World


Tungane Broadbent Tairiiri (fan)


Emma Tamarii, Reine de nuit, Tahitain design


Aline Ameru The Pomare Family


Some stitching details.


Hawaiian quilt  Margo Morgan, Breadfruit.


Gussie R Bento, The Kahili and Crowns of Kamehameha IV


I couldn't find the name of this quilt but thought it beautiful. This image also demonstrate the use of quilts as flags.

All these quilts, and the others in the exhibition, are works of art.



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The advantage of quilts is that they are large enough not to be overwhelmed by the exhibition space. Most needlework needs to be seen close up to be appreciated, but quilts look great from a distance too.

Carolyn Foley

This large space enhances these quilts. Up close they are a bit overwhelming.

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