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TAST 2010 week 2 - Knotted Loop Stitch

This stitch confused me no end.  I think it was the work 'knotted' in the title that put me off.  I knew 'Loop Stitch' but thought 'Knotted Loop Stitch' was a different one.  I had about eight goes at the stitch, trying to make it too difficult.  Once I got over that and realised it was the stitch I called 'Loop Stitch' things progressed.

I'm not sure that I like this stitch.  It is good for skeletons of fish, seaweed, barbed wire, leaves and maybe small trees.  I again found the wool the best for the free form stitching but must say that the rayon thread behaved a lot better than I thought it would.  It really wasn't keen on the thing stranded cotton although I could see uses for this.




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sharon b

Yes I nearly left of the knotted part in the name as I knew it as loop stitch - but the book I referred to called it knotted loop so I went with the written reference.Glad you sorted it in the end!

Carolyn Foley

Yes I am now the proud owner of the A to Z of stitches 2 so it does have a positive side.

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